a year in review: summer

  • I graduated from the University of Iowa!
  • I celebrated my graduation with a party at home with everyone that I loved
  • We got a new puppy named Hayley. Same kind of dog as Comet and she made our house feel normal again
  • I moved to Chicago with my boyfriend
  • I made the decision that I was not going to be a teacher (for now)
  • My anxiety started to get a lot better
  • I took advantage of Chicago in the summer and went to street festivals, cubs games, and Lollapolooza
  • I got my first grown up job! An entry level sales position at a huge company on Michigan Avenue!
  • I started to meet a lot of new friends in the city and establish a core group of friends here
  • I said goodbye to my best friend Claire as she is spending the next year in Italy
  • I got a new car, a white Volkswagen Tiguan that I love

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