I had a great weekend but there were so many great parts that I literally overdosed on the greatness.

Does that make any sense at all?

Bottom line: I'm just really exhausted.

Friday night, straight after work, Joel and I had a great dinner at that pizza spot I talked about a few posts ago. I seriously dream about their White Pizza with truffle oil and prosciutto. I seriously think it would be my last meal on earth if given the choice. After dinner we took a cab right over to meet my cousins at Zanies for a comedy show.

Saturday morning, we drove into Crystal Lake for holiday party #1 at Joel's parents. We had a great time catching up with his extended family but had to scoot out around 6 in order to make it back to the city in time for holiday party #2 at my girl Sara's.

We were a wee bit over served that night ---- I've found that I really like tequila shots, and they really don't like me back.

Sunday I woke up feeling like CRAPOLA. I didn't have anytime to recover before holiday party #3 of the weekend. It was Luke's (J's nephew) first Christmas so it was really sweet to be with him. He got lots of great Christmas books and pretty much has everyone wrapped around his fingers already. The kid is a freaking cutie.

Shields Boys

I was so tired when we got home at 10, and of course, could not fall asleep to save my life.

I pretty much went through the motions today at work and couldn't even enjoy holiday party #4 (I mean, 4 parties in 3 days is just too much for this grandma)!

I hate to be complaining about spending time with my friends and family, having fun drinking and eating and laughing, but my head is just spinning a little too fast right now. Hopefully after a good nights sleep tonight I'll be ready for round two because the agenda is pretty much packed in (with 3 more parties this week!) until the New Year.

But, to end on a good note:
Joel and I will not be spending Christmas together this year so tomorrow is our Christmas celebration. We are going ice skating at Millennium Park and having dinner at Top Chef Rick Bayless's restaurant Fronterra. We have heard SUCH good things about this place and I cannot wait to celebrate with Joely.


  1. That does sound like quite the weekend. And I'm sure a good night's rest will help things. Or a vacation;) And I love your little nephew's pj's...is it wrong that I kind of want a pair?

  2. Overdosing on holiday fun can be exhausting! And such a blessing! Oh -- and I should warn everyone ... tequila hurts the next morning! I've sworn it off!!!!

  3. I love Rick Bayless! Hope you had fun. You should also try Xoco if you want a delicious sandwich/torta. Seriously, I swear by it!