Packing with a punch

In case you haven't been reading my posts (or tweets) lately, I'm leaving for Spain on Thursday! I'm starting to get pretty frazzled and anxious around here - but hopefully once I check everything off my long to-do list, I'll start to enjoy the adventure I'm about to take!

I have just started pulling a few things out of my closet - and my mom's - but I have yet to start the true packing process. My dad has already been on my case to ensure that my suitcase doesn't exceed the weight limit so I figured I'd do a little "packing" research to see what the experts say.

Here were the [most] useful tips I found:

1. Stuff your shoes with socks and electrical chargers. Make use of this space.

2. Lay our all of your outfits. Step back, and see what items you can use twice. Try and remove 5 items.

3. If you run out of space in your bag before you've packed everything, there's a way to get more in: Drop the bag on the floor a few times, then open it -- things will have settled, and you'll find extra room.

4.Roll up soft garments, such as underwear, T-shirts and wrinkle-free items, and place them in the bottom of the suitcase. Fold pants, dresses, skirts, etc. on top.

5.Your hairbrush can catch on clothes and snag them. Cover the head with a sock before stashing it in your suitcase.

6. Snake belts and scarves around the perimeter of the suitcase.

Here is hoping I can go from this:
to this:

What else have you done to save space, stay organized, and keep your suitcase under 50lbs?


  1. I always over pack! I need to get better at it. Have fun in Spain!!

  2. The shoes always kill me, they take up so much room and sometimes I don't even use the items I bring. When it comes to Europe in the Spring I have become an expert on the necessary items. 1) A great pair of boots --Europeans will be wearing boots until July and if you don't have a pair you will stick out like a sore thumb. 2) A fun pair of flats --this is the perfect heel alternative considering heels are a no-no in Europe (heels + cobblestone = death) and 3) Finally the last thing you will need is a great pair of casual athletic shoes. I suggest Converse, black Pumas, or their close equivalent.

  3. Anything more than the above mentioned items may result in wasted space :)

  4. oh yah...packing is one of my least favourite activities, beaten closely by UNpacking. At least packing has an exciting end goal in mind. Good luck with everything, and at least you'll be in spain aka the land of zara and sangria, in case you've forgotten anything! Have a great trip...I just came across your blog but look forward to following and getting more once you're back!

  5. Good luck with packing! I hate it with a passion!