Packed & ready to roll

Alright ladies, I'm packed up and heading home.
This weekend I plan to:

  • Share my sympathy and support for the loss of my cousin's brother, who tragically lost his life at a very young age leaving behind a baby girl and wife.
  • Spend quality time with family
    • While drinking good wine and going out to yummy restaurants!
  • Get 5 weeks worth of laundry done. I'm not even being dramatic, the last time I did laundry was superbowl.
  • Shop for Spain and get some new workout clothes. All of my workout clothes have holes in them and I am sick of looking like such a slob at the gym!
  • Plan out our Spain itenirary
  • Snuggle with my ADORABLE puppy Haley
  • Take a bath (with jets!) and catch up on all of my magazines (new Self, Glamour, Chicago, andddd US Weekly)
  • Finish my book Misery Loves Cabernet and find my next one too.
  • Get outside and run
  • Make a target run
  • Get a car wash
Here's hoping I get all of this accomplished.....
I have a feeling it may be impossible hard! 
Happy [early] weekend.


  1. Hi! Have you read Water for Elephants yet? You'd love it :) Have a great weekend!

    Also for the reading list:

    Something Borrowed
    Something Blue (both by Emily Giffin)

    I couldn't put them down. TGIF