Weekly Loves

I am loving that my most favorite candy has hit the shelves. I seriously can not say no to a cadbury eggs egg.
I am loving my Friday plans. Dinner at my favorite sushi spot Ukai, red wine, and early to bed

I am loving my new L'Ooctaine pillow spray found here. 4 sprays on your pillow before bed and as soon as your head hits the pillow you are instantly calmed & relaxed. It's like a bubble bath in your bed.

I am loving king cake! Fat Tuesday lived up to its name in my world. Pot luck at work with never ending food sure let my scale know why we call it fat tuesday.


I am loving that today is the first day of lent. Would y'all please keep me accountable?
  1. I will floss everyday for the next 40 days
  2. I will not eat any candy at work
I am loving that the sun is out when I leave for work. Waking up to chirping birds and a few rays of sunshine makes getting out of bed so much better.

I am loving this sign. This was one of the lullabies my mom always sang to us as little girls, and I think this would be so lovely in a nursery - for a boy or a girl. 

I am loving that this week is zipping by. How is it already Wednesday? Wowza!


  1. I loooooove cadbury eggs!!!!!! yay, this is such a long awaited event!!! hope your week is going well!!! xx. Katie

  2. I love Cadbury eggs! The big ones are sometimes too sweet for me, but the Mini Eggs are my all-time favorite form of chocolate. I could down a bag by myself no problem. Haha!

  3. Easter candy is my favorite too! I love the hershey eggs with m&m-like coating. Too bad I gave up candy for Lent.

  4. This is not a joke: I am sitting here eating a Cadbury egg as I read this entry of yours. Total coincidence! (Btw - have you ever tried microwaving them and then eating them with a spoon? If not, you must.)

  5. I did a similar post yesterday! I can't wait for Easter candy. TGIF! xx