Well, I decided to take the plunge! 
Twitter: TeaTimeWithTess

Email: teatimewithtess@blogspot.com

Will you come find me on twitter? I would love to have some friends!


Quick Questions for you guys:

  • I want to get a twitter solely for my blogging friends....do you have a personal twitter and a blog twitter? Is it weird to have 2 twitters?
  • Do you have a seperate blog email address too?

Yea...that's all I got.

Hope you had a good day. xo


  1. I'm not a Twitter-er (or whatever the heck you want to call it) but I do have a separate email for my blog than what I use in my "regular life" haha.

  2. I have a separate email for my blog but only 1 twitter. Which I use for blogging purposes but not in my other real life.

    But I'm thinking about blurring the lines and outing my blog to my friends.


  3. I have a separate email for my blog, but I only use one twitter.