I am loving that I have a happy hour at work. We are going to a Blue Frog 22 for games, half priced quesdillas, beer, and maybe a little karokee too.

I am loving that I get to spend the weekend at home. I have about 14 loads of laundry to do, but my mom and I plan to shop & finish our planning for Spain. With good wine, food, and company, it should be an amazing weekend.

I am loving Canada Dry sparkling water. It's sweet enough to feel like I'm drinking something I shouldn't be drinking.
I am loving that my girlfriend Bethenny is back on TV. Love her!

I am loving Brad's last 2 standing ladies. I can deal with either one, but my vote goes out to Chantal. They seem to have real chemistry and feelings for each other.

I am loving that Joel made reservations for our 4 year anniversary at the new, fabulous Paris Club 

I hope you are loving your week. We're almost to the weekend!

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  1. Sorry - leaving so many comments this morning! But just thought I needed to tell you that I sampled some skinny girl margarita and it was fantastic - and also the bachelor was ridiculous. And I love the paris club so so much. That is all!