Dressing the Part

 Well now that I'm a big time manager, I need to start dressing the part.

Since I'm on the very young side, I really need my clothes to help express a sense of maturity and respect.

My office climate is very causal.  We don't have a dress code, and some of the people on the floor take that very literally (insert hoodies and ripped jeans).

I've always dressed fairly nice, but it's time to step it up.

I plan to do a big shopping spree on Saturday {and I'll be sure to share all of my finds} but here is the inspiration board I made for the managerail look I'm going for:

Pulled together, classy, and mature....right??


  1. ohhhh i love my tb's - they are so great for work! comfy and stylish! perf!

  2. Loving the new ideas. I too just did some major shopping for my new job, unfortunately, the hospital is a little bit more conservative and dressy than I like to be but I'll make it work. You never told us, when do you start the new job and what exactly are you doing?