shop with me

I have been wanting to go on a serious shopping spree for weeks now. I was literally having dreams of overflowing shopping carts.

Finally today I had some time. After I got my hair did, I drove out to Woodfield mall. First (and final) stop: Nordstrom's Rack.

By the way, only strong, well trained shoppers can enjoy Nordstrom's Rack. To the untrained eye it's disorganized, chaotic, and dirty. BUT...if you treat NR with care, you will be able to discover it's treasures...and there's a lot of them.

I had a few things I need to purchase: derby dress, derby hat, new jeans, & black flats. I've also been wanting to update my work uniform, so I was hoping to find some blouses.

After an hour of walking around the store, hoarding my finds, I finally made it to the dressing room. Thankfully, their item limit is 15 which, is amazing, because I only had to make three trips.



Come join me in the dressing room.

First task: Jeans
Wanted: 1 pair of dark wash, flattering fit, skinny leg

Option 1. Rock & Republics $69.00
  • A little tight
  • Lighter wash
  • Good butt
  • Too long, would need to be hemmed
Rating: B+

Option 2: Hudson's $74.95
  • Very stretchy, therefore very comfortable but they were basically jeggings.
  • Good wash
  • Accentuated my {p}ouch
 Option 3. Paige Premium $79.95
  • Stretchy, but not jeggings
  • Good wash
  • Good fit
A+, WINNER! Purchased.

Next round? Tops
 Wanted: Unique summery pieces that I can wear to work and going out.

Item 1: Tory Burch Polo $39.00
  • I'm not gonna lie...Tory Burch for $39.00, I don't even care how it looks
  • I  actually like the way it looks. Score.

Item 2: Trina Turk cashmere top $50.00
  • Really soft, quality chashmere
  • Sleeves were oddly long
  • Interesting color
  • Easy to wear
Item 3: Random Designer $14.50
  • Really sheer but would be perfect for a fat day
  • How cute would this be with shorts?
  • It's 14 dollars.
Item 4: Random Designer $16.95
  • Really reminds me of House of Harlow
  • Enough said

And for the final category..........Kentcuky Derby Dresses

Option 1: 

Option 2:
Option 3:
Who was the winner?
....You're gonna have to wait for the big day to find out!

Place your bets now!

 Ohhh...and here were the black flats I found. 
Cole Haan, $89.90

Overall it was an expensive, but very successful shopping spree!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday. I'm taking my new hair, and that new House of Harlow-y top on the town for a birthday dinner with a friend at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba


  1. I'm not going to lie, I have been waiting for this post for days :) Love the great finds, especially the yellow cashmere top! So cute, so easy to wear, and absolutely PERFECT for summer! My pick for derby day is option 3. The white dress that would be perfect for work AND perfect for the derby when paired with a fabulous and flashy (yet fashionable) hat!

  2. Great finds! My favorite is dress #1. Can't wait to see which one you picked!

  3. I love the color and the way dress #1 fits you, to be honest, the others shortened you a bit. They could possibly work with a bright belt to accent your waistline. Loving that yellow top! I wonder where the closest Nordstrom's Rack is to Savannah. I'm damn good at perusing the chaos of Ross & Marshall's! XX

  4. So exciting! Love your finds. Oh and the dresses..how did you ever choose? Cant wait to see the winner!!

  5. Oh girl you done good! I love that yellow top. And ummm did you buy all three dresses? They are all adorable! Maybe I like #2 the best? TOUGH choices!

  6. Those flats are amazing - and the jeans look GREAT! Jeans are so tough to buy, but looks like you got a great deal. Can't wait to see the dress reveal