Espana: Parte Tres

Day 9
Thankfully, on this day, I was able to stand up and eat! 

Side Note:
Oh, and also, everyone knows the best part of the stomach flu is weighing yourself when it's over. Ya...didn't lose 1 flipping pound.

...but....moving on

We left the beautiful Marbella bright and early and headed to Sevilla. Thankfully, this time around, we opted for the high speed train instead of the janky bus

 When we got off the train in Seville, we headed straight for our hotel, Hotel Alfonso......

 ....BUT.....ALL of the roads surrounding the hotel (which is in the center of the city) were closed off by police.

My sister tried to understand what was going on, but the police said nothing except, "MOVE"
I, of course, immediately assume the worst and figure there has been some awful terrorist attack.

We finally made it to our hotel, luggage in tow, and found paparazzi swarming the hotel.
I, of course, immediately freaked out and couldn't wait to find out who was staying at our hotel.

As the concierge helped with our bags, he told us, it was the....

Prince of England

I was immediately wondering, is Kate here? What is she wearing? Or maybe it's Harry....I'm going to hook him up with one of my sisters? Oh my gosh, maybe they'll want to party with us tonight? What room are they staying in?....etc/etc/etc

Come to find out a few minutes later....It's freaking Prince Charles.
Buzz kill

They were fancying up a table for the Prince. Royal treatment at its greatest!

 The hotel we stayed at, apparently fit for a king, was fancy and old school - but quite tired.

the detailing was amazing...I wish I would have taken a picture of the intricate door knobs!

our view

After we got over the hype of seeing Prince Charles, we took a walk to Hannah's favorite lunch spot in all of Seville. 

I forget what they call this area, but its a large tent with different vendors set up with food from all over the world.
Thankfully I was feeling better, so I ordered a greek pita and my favorite combo, chipa & guac, with a Corona!

 Below is Hannah's wrist. She wears the evil eye and a pendent with Saint Christopher who is the Saint for the Travelers.
 After lunch, we walked about ten feet to the nearest bar, with the best view.

 That night, we met up with my cousin Erin who was traveling in Madrid during the same week. She was able to take the train in from Madrid to have dinner with us and visit Hannah.

 After another simple dinner of cheese pizza and sparking water, I went to a few bars with my sisters, and left them around 2am so they could really get their freak on.

Day 10
Final Day in Spain
Since it was our last day in Spain, we tried to keep things very relaxed and low key.

We went shopping with some of Hannah's friends

 Took a few more family photos

family photo with Hannah's amazing new friend Holley, who is now like family
  and had dinner with Hannah's host mom

It was an amazing family experience.

We had fun, made memories, and become more culturally aware.

But, I think I speak for my family when I say this, the best thing about this trip was to see my sister Hannah and see how truly happy and content she is in life right now.


  1. I just caught up on all 3 posts. I am hungry now, I am jealous, and I am so happy you had a great time (except for the whole food poisoning part)! What terrific pictures and memories you have. Glad youre back safely. xo

  2. Even though Prince Charles isn't nearly as awesome as William or Harry, that is still pretty freaking cool!!

    Love love LOVE all of your pictures Tess! You have a beautiful family :)

  3. That is really amazing! What a priceless experience!!! I just called my hubs into the room- Babeeee, lets plan a trip to Spain! ; )

    PS. I think Harry is the cutest! And I hear he parties like a rock star, so probably the most fun too : )