the ladder

Back Story: I graduated college in May and got my first "big girl job" in August. It was an entry level job in a large company - with a lot of room to grow. Come December, I accepted my first promotion and am now working in inside advertising sales.


I've had a lot of succeses in my short career. I work hard and have been lucky because people around me have noticed.

An open position became available in management last week, so I inquired about possibly applying. My managers said they had been hoping I would step up to apply, and that my name had been used in many conversations. After a few informal meetings, I had my formal interview Monday.

I walked in the intervew confident and cool; like I already had the job.

And then I bombed my interview.

Well, okay, I didn't bomb it....but I didn't leave the interview feeling like a rock star. There were 2 specific occasions were my future boss flat out disagreed with my answers/responses and told me that they were very "interesting" and that I had answered incorrectly.

And now, because it's something I could have - it's all I can think about. I want it, and I want it now.

Everyone in my office knows I'm up for the position and they're anxiously waiting the verdict as well. The pressure has been turn on. HIGH.

So, I'm nervous. I've spent the last few days in an anxious ball of worries. Yes, I know, that worst case scenario, I don't get promoted, but I don't want to be disappointed, and I don't want to disappoint my parents fan club.

I should find out this week what the judges thought of me. Will I make it to Hollywood?


  1. Crossing my fingers for you!! So exciting and also nerve-wracking.

    Don't you HATE waiting?

  2. i so struggle with having patience - but just keep holding out! you'll do great! xx.

  3. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. I am crossing my fingers for you! No matter what they say, interviewing is HARD (okay, it is the worst!).

  5. Keeping the fingers crossed pretty lady!

  6. Fingers crossed:) Interviewing is the worst!

  7. Sending you good vibes! I've been there (many times!), interviews are tough. BUT - I've found that you always did better than you think. Best of luck!

  8. I hope you get that golden ticket! Keep busy time will go by quicker. Good luck!

  9. Fingers crossed! Love your honesty, keep us posted! Loving your blog, now following! Miss Walker xoxo