What I Wore

In Spain!

Spain was much more "city" than I was expecting. I brought a lot of resort-y clothes, and ended up not wearing the majority of them. 

Travel outfit for the 9 hour flight.
F21 top, ATL leggings,scarf from Italy, and TOMS shoes

J.Crew dress & Gap sandals           

Anthropologie dress
AE button down, Scarf from Zara, Gap pants, Sperrys

Gap top, J.crew shorts, Gap belt, Steve Madden sandals
F21 blazer & local Chicago designer dress

 First day back in the USA
Sweater from Antrhopologie, J.Crew minnie's, Cole Haan boots, and necklace from Spain

I'm just now wrapping up my first weekend back. 

Friday, I went with work friends to a happy hour at Theory and then met up with Joel for dinner at XOCO. After an amazing torta and chorro, Joel and I went to the Peninsula for a few martini's and headed home at 10.

Saturday I ran errands, found a very chic trench coat (pics to come), and went out with all of my best friends. It seems as though everyone I know is slowly, but surely, migrating into the city. I have a feeling this summer is going to be one of my best summers yet.

Today in Chicago temps got up to 80 degrees. I went for a grueling 4 mile run along the lake and hung out at the park with Joel, Sara, and Sean. 

Tonight, I'm vegging out and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow.



  1. Um, I think you may need to pack for me whenever I go on trips...there is no way my outfits are that put together!! You look great

  2. Love your blazer look - so chic! Can you be my stylist?!

  3. Love the JCrew khaki dress! Is it a recent purchase or from a past season? I think my closet needs it...

  4. Thanks girls! I would totally drop everything and come dress all of you! Ha! Dream job!

  5. AND, Dayna - Thanks so much - the dress is a good year old. I found it at a Jcrew outlet store in Destin, FL last March. Maybe....E.Bay??