My Father's Daughter

I'm sure it isn't news to you that Gwyneth Paltrow's new healthy cookbook has hit the shelves. 

I've always been a big fan of Gwyneth's and love her website Goop, so to say I was excited that she was writing a cookbook was an understatement.

I ordered the book on Amazon and have been anxiously awaiting it's arrival. 

I recently read Gwyn's SELF cover article, which gave some interesting background on how her eating patterns and the book developed.

Bruce Paltrow raised Gwyn with a passion for food. They often visited local NY staples for the best hot dogs and pretzel's the state has to offer. Bruce, also had a passion for cooking in his own home. Food was a sign of love, and for the Paltrow's, the grandest gesture was a home cooked meal.
When Bruce was diagnosed with throat cancer, Gwyneth became obsessed with treating his body with healthy foods and and homeopathic treatments.She often wondered if the poor food he'd grown up eating was the culprit of his failing health.

When her energies failed, and her father passed, she became increasingly obsessed with her own health. She nixed alcohol, gluten, sugar, processed foods, wheat, diary - and added in intense workouts, vitamins and supplements.

Food was no longer enjoyable and she had lost the lesson's that her dad had grown up teaching her.

When her daughter Apple arrived, she finally began to understand the balance.
The balance of eating healthfully, but still enjoyably.

I'm still figuring out that balance myself, but I'm inspired by realistic recipes that are health focused, but still delicious.

The few recipes I've seen, look delicious, and the first two I'll be trying are


Will you pick up My Father's Daughter, or do you have already cookbook that you swear by?


  1. Can't wait to see what you think of it when you receive it! I love GOOP and find her recipes featured are usually fairly straight forward, but delicious. Would love to see you review some receipes when you receive the book!