Easter Recap

Happy Easter!

On Saturday, after the grocery store, Joel and I headed home to the suburbs. Right away I got busy cooking all of the delicacies for Easter brunch .

Every year, my mom makes a delicious Easter bread and this year's was one of the best. 

We made homemade ravioli, Easter and monkey bread, calzone's and cupcakes. yes, very diet friendly foods.

My mom's family is 100% Italian and we love our food. My grandparents have been such wonderful examples of how to raise a tight knit family and, for us, these "tight knit family gatherings" always consist of lots, and lots, and lots, of really good food.

Papa (87) making the sausage for the calzone
Kuka (77) rolling out pasta


Easter morning, I got the best wake up call

I mean, do you die???
I cannot tell you how much I love this puppy. She is such a cuddly, loving dog and literally fills my heart with joy when I see her. I think it's kind of hard for people joel to understand how much you can love a dog if you've never had one, but living in the city without the dog is my least favorite part.

but...moving on.

After opening up our Easter baskets, my fam headed over to my Aunt's house for brunch.

All of our hard work tasted soooooo good. 
We danced and ate, watched the cubs (and got nervous for the Hawks) and had an overall great time - as we always do. 

Even though not all of our aunts, uncles, and cousins were able to make, we did have a very special surprise guest:
When Hannah got on the screen, everyone literally started screaming! It was really nice (especially for my mom) that Hannah got to have a little bit of home on Easter.

After our brunch, I headed over to Joel's house and got to spend some time with his parents and extended family. 

It took us forever and a day to get home from the suburbs, but we were able to sneak in a quick walk together, which was nice and very necessary.


  1. Oh my god all of that food looks delicious. I'll take one of everything please!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend :)

  2. Labradooo! So cute! So happy you had an amazing Easter with the fam and even happier to see you got a call from Hannah! It's rough when you can't be home for the holidays! So sweet she got to talk with everyone! XX

  3. Have I ever mentioned Italian food is my FAVORITE?? Do you think I could join your family for the next big holiday or get together, hehe? Glad you got to spend some time at home and Hannah got to be a part of it too!

  4. I love Easter Bread! I haven't had it in years...YUM :)

  5. That dog is so cute! And that Easter bread looks amazing! Glad you had a great weekend.