1. My job 
Isn't that a funny poem? However, right now I'm in the honeymoon stages of my new management position, and am loving it. I love that I'm in an out of meetings, developing a new time, interview prospects, and learning how to be a manager. 

 2. Atheno's Greek Yogurt
They were giving this yogurt out for free on Michigan Ave, and there advertising tactics worked because, sure enough, I bought 10 yogurt containers of this.
Peach and blueberry are the best
3. My Tax Refund
Ohhh what a glorious week to get a promotion AND a tax return. 

 4. Eva's jean collection
Yes...I would have that same happy glow if my jeans looked like this.

 I love jeans.
[My favorites being Hudson and Citizen's]
I would LOVE to have my jeans hung in the upright position, color coordinated the way Ms. Longria has it.
Honestly, this picture makes me giddy. 
Organized clothes? Like....my two favorite things!

5. Nivea Body
  I have a love/hate relationship with this product.
I love that it's about time I start using it (because, hellllllo summer!) but I hate the smell and the fact that I have to wash my hands after using it <-- TRUST me.

However, this is the best tanning lotion I've found out there. It doesn't turn out orange and really fast acting.

6. Kentucky Derby Fashions
May 7th will be my first race track, ever, and I can't wait to find my perfect dress, hat, and shoes.
Here are some of my favorite looks from past Derby's

Leave your link in your comments so I can come check out what you've been lovin'


  1. I would have to agree with you on everything! That jean collection is insane. I want it now:)

  2. What awesome things you are loving today! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

  3. How lucky are you to love your job! And those Derby fashions...fabulous!

  4. i cannot. wait. to get my tax return back. it's such a great day.