All sorts of rambling thoughts

1. Isn't this ring dish the cutest thing ever? Such a great gift idea for a newly engaged friend, because I really didn't know what to do with my ring when I was putting on lotion, and now it's got a pretty little home on my bathroom counter.

2. I'm going home next Tuesday. HOME! I can't believe the last time I was in Chicago was March 19th. It's been the fastest and wildest four months that I've barely had time to realize what I'm missing. Thankfully, just before homesickness settles in, I'll be there.

3. Are you a Trader Joe's person? I've recently become obsessed - as has Joel, since consumer reports claimed that TJ's offers the best value - but....regardless...their food is bomb too. The turkey meatballs, salsa, and sweets are just a few of the reason's I've given up other grocery stores....but when I tried this, it really sealed the deal.


4. I am hosting our book club on Friday (a whole other post in itself!) and while I'm really excited to have lots of fun girls over, it does make me wish I had a few more things done in my house. Like more outdoor seating, paintings on the wall behind the dining table, some art for the guest room - and a fourth dining chair would be nice as well.

always need to keep this in mind

5. I'm really trying to watch the food and exercise in my life. I've been watching it for the last 2 weeks....writing down my food and trying to get in more exercise....and so far the scale hasn't changed. This week I'm incorporating a few more workouts and cutting out the weekday wine, so hopefully next Monday will show me some results. I mean.....come on now!


6. I just started this book and so far it's a huge win! I've been on a dry spell for the last month and I finally picked a winner. If you are looking for a light-hearted, funny, chick-lit beach read, I just made your day.

7. I also realized from reading this book that pregnancy will be very hard for me. Almost all of my favorite things have to be omitted when you are "knocked up" : sushi, hot baths, wine, coffee.....seems like a very long nine months.



  1. 1. I love that little ring dish - such a cute idea. And your ring is absolutely gorgeous!!

    2. YAYYY for going home! How long are you going for? Good luck with the pup on the plane, I know you've been stressing over it.

    3. There's a Trader Joe's opening near me soon and now I'm definitely going to have to check it out and try that hummus!!

    4. I'm also going to have to pick up that book... We seem to read the same things and I always love a book with a pink cover! Hah.

  2. Your ring dish is darling and it doesn't hurt that your ring is absolutely amazing!

    Try not to get discouraged with the scale, keep at it and I guarantee it will start falling off all at once - baby weight was no joke

    Obsessed with trader joes, we love the cheap booze obvi and the lemon bars:)

    So excited to put this book on my kindle for the beach

    Fab post haha

  3. That ring dish is toooo cute. Totally need to find one like that.

    Also, I've been working running for 2 months and the scale has not dropped a pound. DEPRESSING.

  4. Love the ring dish -- very cute! Excited for you to get a trip home! I'm also loving Trader Joe's - they have so many wonderful goodies!

  5. The pregnancy thing seems like a long 9 months to me too. Hopefully I will be so fulfilled with planning a dream nursery and wardrobe for the tot that I will forget all about coffee, sushi and wine.

  6. That last pin is the story of my life right now. lol

    What's the edamame hummus like?!

  7. As a new mom: I can attest to this: you CAN have coffee. You can have a cup of joe a day.
    I didnt have any caffeine for like the first 4-5 months and was dragging ass so bad it was ridiculous. I told my Dr. and she was almost appalled that I thought that I had to give up everything. She said have caffeine. A cup a day or a Starbucks a day is fine. Or have Iced Tea or a Diet Coke. What ever is your guilty pleasure. It sure made me a much happy pregnant chick. Just hope for thought :)

  8. AHH, you used the word "bomb"! You're officially a West Coast convert.

    On a relevant note, that ring dish is the sweetest (and most clever) thing to give a newly engaged friend.