Wedding Wednesday: Organization

One of the main feelings I have been experiencing as a newly engaged woman is this sense of being out of control. It very well be that due to this large life change I need to up the milligrams on my anxiety meds (semi kidding), but it also may be the fact that there are about 24,000 things that need thinking about.

As "savvy" as I am with the computer, I'm very traditional when it comes to organization. I like things written out in plain sight. I like hand-written notes, I like hand-written journals (and apparently electronic journals as well seeing as I blog...but...to the point), hand-written budgets, filing cabinets, recipe books, etc. I just like the idea of having all of my common things in one nice, neat place.

Insert my wedding binder:

I thought about buying this really cute wedding planner from Erin Condren, but since my life planner has been collecting dust lately I decided to make my own. If I end up using it - great, it was free....and if I don't....it was still free.
I have all sorts of office supplies since I work from home, so I got creative and did some research. There are tons of free printables online  and before I knew it, I had a binder full of checklists and tips.

Most of the websites had the same recommendations for categories and I used page dividers to create separation. I tried keep the more frequently used sections closer to the front.


I also decided to use page covers for a lot of the printables. I had them handy, and it makes them spill proof (Wine-o here!!) and travel proof!

Now, obviously, I have been engaged for like a hot second, so who knows if this is everything, or anything, that I need - but it's nice to have my thoughts taking up space in one organized, place.

It just helps me sleep better.

Did you create a wedding binder during your engagement? What other sections should I be adding? Any tips?


  1. Do you have a spot in your binder that has pockets for things like contracts? Sometimes those are nice to have when you're meeting with vendors---for example, our venue needed to look at the contract for the band and the florist to make sure everyone was in agreement.

  2. I LOVE YOUR RING!!! Also, love this idea. Thank you for posting this!

  3. I love how your ring conveniently made the one picture. ;) I say, show it off girl, it's beautiful!

    I definitely had a wedding binder too...made it myself with dividers and everything! I like the way you think!

  4. omg. the. wedding. binder.

    I never got aroudn to putting tabs in mine..it was a disaster!!! I looked throught it the other day and it was so fun to see it after the madness.

  5. This is such a good idea. I'm a little old fashioned too with handwriting stuff - somehow it just seems more REAL. Good for you for being so organized so early on :)

  6. Such a smart idea to get organized before you even start planning. I definitely like making use of technology when I organize, but I'm still partial to pen-and-paper as well.

    Gotta love how that gorgeous ring makes a cameo appearance in the wedding binder photo!

  7. Obviously I had to scroll back to this post cause giiirl I gotta make mine this week. I've had the tabs and page protectors for a while... now it's time to make it! wednesday.