Thoughts from an Engaged Gal!

  • All of the comments and well wishes that were left on my post yesterday were SO heartfelt and kind and I appreciated every single one of them. I cannot wait to use this blog as my springboard and journal to document this wild ride I'm about to be on.
  •  Bridal magazines are really fun - and I felt giddy checking out with one today!
  • The Bridal diet has already begun, and I'm already hungry...which I'm assuming means I'm doing something right!
  • The date we are thinking for the big day is somewhere between June - October 2013 (but ideally, September)
  • I created a separate, private pintrest so that I can pin all of my wedding ideas without ruining all of the fun! You probably won't see me on my public pintrest for a while....
  • I wish I could just think about wedding stuff all day!
  • It's so weird to use the words, "fiance, husband-to-be, wedding, Mrs., and in-laws" in my sentences
  • Bye, Bye, Bank Account
  • I'm allergic to lilies....and the bouquet of flowers that Joel prepared for his proposal - and then we brought home have left me covered with hives.
  • I am obsessed with my engagement ring. Like, obsessed
  • Okay......so, here we go!
Wedding in Paris
SPARKLERS!    Photography by http://taylorlordphotography.com


  1. Congrats! I'll have so much fun following along. We just got married three weeks ago, and its a crazy ride! Ps. My name is also Tess lol.

  2. Love love love this post. I was just married in January and here are some of my thoughts on your thoughts; I never really got the bridal diet down; I did think about my wedding planning every single day all day long; I did have to save good bye to my bank account; my bank account still has not recovered four months later but I have no regrets; I almost never used the word "fiance" because I felt pretentious doing so; I forbid my husband from smashing cake in my face and we opted for just a nice, sweet cake cutting moment; I love love love a sparkler exit! I am so so excited for your wedding planning!

  3. VERY excited for all of the wedding-planning related posts. Have fun!

  4. I am so so so so excited for you (and also, your intended wedding dates are my "hypothetical at this point" wedding dates). Will you laugh at me when I get engaged in 6 months and have to do everything in fast-forward? Ugh.

    But anyways, this is about YOU. That sparkler exit is 50% of the reason I want to get married, love love.

    Got off track again. Which bridal magazines did you buy? I too am obsessed.

    And you should be obsessed with your ring, it's perfect.

  5. What an awesome plan!! Your article is simple and informative...I hope you enjoyed a lot to share your wedding planning tips and prove yourself as a smart planner...Some wedding planning website also assist in making their day absolutely special and most memorable for the couple..Likewise you also give some useful tips.. So we expect more wedding planning tips...So please keep on posting....Have a smart wedding planning day.....

  6. i'm like 80% excited for you 20% jealous... ok maybe 60/40. hehe. Can't wait to read about wedding planning and all that jazz! have soo much fun!!

  7. just remember to savor each and every moment sweetie!!! i know it's going to fly by (i promise) but soak it all in and make sure to not get stressed out...it's the MOST fun thing in the world being engaged and planning a wedding ;)

  8. Yay! Can't wait to follow along with you. :)

  9. Congrats to you both! Your ring is beautiful and what a wonderful fiance, with that wonderful planned proposal! I can't wait to read all about the details.

    Don't let the planning stress you out, enjoy every minute of it because it is over so quickly and it is one of the most amazing times of your life.

    He is soo LUCKY!

    Love ya -

  10. Ahh I can't wait to live vicariously through all your wedding planning!!! I love hearing about wedding plans - ya know, so I can keep them in the back of my mind for one day in the far off future ;).

    Ps. September is the perfect month to get married!!! I love fall weddings :)

  11. Congrats! I am also newly-engaged (June 30) and found your blog through The Knot! How cute!

    I can't wait to continue following along as you plan!

    Quick question - how did you make your Pinterest board private?