Real Men Wear Pink

Neither one of these studs is with me right now, and I realized, without either one of them, I'm just not whole.

On this Father's Day I'm feeling thankful for how I was raised, and the relationship I have with my dad , and how I want the father of my future children to be....because, my dad has shown me and my sisters the way...
  • My dad worked his ass off when we were kids. Hard enough to allow my mom to stay home and raise three girls. Hard enough to enjoy the perks of his hard work now that he and my mom are in their fifties - hard enough to provide a seamless life for his three daughters.
  • My dad made it very easy to talk about the bad stuff with him. When I failed my math quizzes in 5th grade, I would wake up early to get him to sign my papers without getting into too much trouble. That same approach carried on when we were in high school, college, and now adulthood.
  • My dad is the guy you want in your corner. He knows everyone....he knows how to get you in to places, and how to get you out too. His connections have gotten people jobs, gotten people out of jail (not me!!), and even gotten people to the best doctors that Chicago can provide, even when that's not enough.
he's also.....
  • the life of the party
  • a great dresser
  • a horrible driver
  • a loyal and true friend
  • an owner of a successful business
  • a wine guy (apple doesn't fall far)
  • a great husband 
  • and so much more....

I feel very, very blessed today to cheers my dad on this Father's Day. He's done good, and I love him so much.

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  1. Your dad sounds like an amazing man, Tess. You should feel very blessed. That picture of him and Joel is absolutely precious.