Wedding Wednesday

Since we tackled the boys outfits last week, I figured it's due time to talk bridemaids dresses.

Again - I have a pretty good idea of the dresses I like, but I want to wait to select the venue which is happening next Thursday!

There are some many factors that go into selecting bridemaids dresses. Do you let your girls pick their own top? Do they have matching shoes? Do you do something special for the MOH?

1. Long and Formal

2. Short and Sweet

3. Unique & fun

When you are a bridemaid, what's most important to you? Cost? Look? Feel?


  1. Giiiirl it's like you read my mind! I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I love short because it's easy and generally comfy and less hemming involved.... but then again, long is SO pretty!!

    I think, as a bridesmaid, having something NOT STRAPLESS would be really nice. Who can help the bride when she's hitching up her own dress all night?

    Also, not wearing pink dresses. That'd be key.

  2. I kept it simple at my wedding. I had the J.Crew Sophia dress for myself and my girls had the shorter version in dark brown!

  3. For my sister's wedding, I wasn't super picky but I did like that we all had the same dress, same color. I just lucked out that it was very comfortable! It was long but the wedding was in March so it could have been chilly! I loved it though. Very elegant. Also, it wasn't super pricey either, which made it easier to afford other things (bridal gifts, bachelorette party, etc!)

  4. whenever i am a bridesmaid, what i hope for is that i will still look like "me" if that makes sense...a dress that is flattering on me, something not too pricey, and one that is semi-comfortable. people say get something they will wear again, though i've never done that.

    i had my girls in black short dresses which i loved...the only thing i would change is letting them pick out their own shoes!!

    good luck lady :)

  5. This is so fun! I like that you're going through different aspects of your wedding on Wednesdays! I love those short dresses :-)

  6. It definitely depends on WHEN you're getting married on the length. We got married October 10th and I initially thought long dresses, but switched to short and was super glad I did. Our wedding day ended up being pretty warm. And I prefer all the dresses being the same, but I let the girls choose their own shoes. They all ended up doing peep toe though which was funny.

    As a Bridesmaid, cost is definitely a factor. But it's the Bride's wedding day so I'll wear whatever they want. ;)

  7. my girls wore long chiffon strapless and they were beautiful on all sizes (2 to plus size). we were married outside and it was hot but they still were great b/c they were flowy and chiffon. they would have worked indoors and in colder weather too. loved them. the other day i was watching good morning america and the say yes to the dress atlanta folks were on and showing the top bridal gowns. ours was #1 for the year which i was completely shocked by. i had never seen it before our wedding!

  8. and i also liked they didn't look cheap. i hate that cheap bridesmaid material. ughh. they were a great price too!

  9. Go short and sweet. Or short and unique! But definitely shorter dresses - more comfortable and easier to hem, especially if the girls are going to want to take their shoes off later in the night. If the dresses are long and hemmed with shoes on, when they take them off they'll be tripping on their dress. (This is actually something one of my friends told me about a wedding she was in last year!)

  10. I like short and fun, but classic, dresses. I think the most important thing to me if I were a part of a bridal party would be staying true to the bride's vision and hoping that the dress she chose (or allowed us to choose) is affordable and comfortable.