Flying Solo

 My fiance is on work trip in Vegas (which sounds like an inappropriate oxymoron) leaving me, Roscoe, and Roscoe's girlfriend, Lucy flying solo this weekend.

We've had such non-stop weekends over the last month I'm secretly thrilled to have very, very little to do.

Over the past week, my friends and family have been so generous sending flowers, books, tips, wine, and my most favorite gift of all BRIDAL MAGAZINES!

I cannot wait to devour them!

The only legitimate plan I have is for tonight. I am going to go out with a fellow bride-to-be, and as she told me, I'm bringing a notebook! We snagged a reservation at the ever popular Brentwood  spot Tavern. It's frequented by Mr. Obama and Ms. Witherspoon (maybe even together) and I'm looking forward to all of the good food and advice - and hopefully a celeb spotting!
Speaking of food - since I'm a frequent restaurant goer, and now a bride-to-be, I have decided to cut out all bread/pasta/risotto/creamy dishes when dining out. There's already a lot of calories associated with eating at restaurants (like the wine) and I really don't need to be consuming a 1,200 calorie pasta dish. More on my bridal diet later....

Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be spent getting a hike in, some cleaning done, and maybe even a little Bridal Binder-ing.


  1. Have fun tonight! Ryan is also leaving me this weekend, and I'm a little thrilled to do whatever it is I want to do. Which includes a night of nothing. ;)

  2. You get to play with two puppies this weekend?! Have a great time doing nothing:)

  3. Hope you had a great weekend! Sometimes it's lovely not to HAVE to do anything and do things for pleasure rather than out of obligation.