Wedding Wednesday

It's honestly surprising that I was able to pick one topic to touch on this Wednesday. We are at the infancy stages of planning this shin-dig, and there are already so many things I want to share and need advice on.

It is a bit of a slippery slope because I don't want to post anything that would give away surprises, so for now, I'll be touching on broader subjects. And speaking of broader....

This week's topic is one of my favorites......men! 

I love a man in formal attire - but I just can't decide which formal attire I like best!

1. Preppy

2. Formal

3. Classic

4. Trendy

I'll end up choosing based on the feel and atmosphere of the venue we choose (appointments are set for July 5th) and the colors - but until then.....what do you think?


  1. Omg I looooveed planning our wedding, I am super J that you are in the midst of it:) Ours was classy/preppy I guess you would say - So fun, cant wait to see what you go with

  2. we went with tan suits for our june wedding...i don't think you can go wrong with any of the looks! have you guys set a date yet?

  3. Out of these looks, my wedding would be considered trendy. My hubby and his groomsmen wore grey Calvin Klein suits. It was perfect for our June wedding and atmosphere.

    When are you getting married?

  4. as much as i love the fun trendy options, there is nothing better than seeing the boys all dressed up in tuxedos...classic and formal all the way!!!

  5. Ours were sort of classic. Our guys wore brown tuxes and I was happy with it at the time. They looked good. :)

    Just choose what you really like now. If anything, I'd go with classic but sort of trendy. Cause now that it's been almost 2 years later, I would for sure change the colors. But the point is, I liked it THEN. And you don't want to do too trendy since it'll all change in a couple years anyway.

  6. love them all but I adore the preppy and classic!!

  7. Ours will be classic/preppy- navy suits!

  8. We did tan suits, but now I kind of wish we went the traditional black tux route.

  9. I'm pretty tied to the classic/formal look... just because it will NEVER go out of style.

    I do LOVE the look of the gray suits... I live in fear that it'll go out of style though. Ugh!

    I vote formal black... it's just classic!

  10. My personal favourite is a hybrid between trendy/formal, but I also think preppy would be really fun depending on the location/season.

  11. I was in a sorority with the bride and bridesmaids in your trendy pick :)

  12. Pleased to know about this Wednesday wedding. Couple of months ago, I arranged a themed wedding for my best friend at one of the exquisite Chicago wedding venues. Had great time with all our friends and enjoyed very much there.