Gifts ideas to make your life simple

I love to gift give.

 In fact, giving gifts gives me almost more joy than getting gifts myself! 

 Now, it's not that I just love the process of giving. While, of course I do, that's not what I'm referring to here. In all selfishness, I like to be known as a great gift giver. I like to shop, and find the perfect gift for the occasion.

I have fun coming up with gift themes and I figured I'd show you my favorite thoughtful and personal go-to ideas since, if your summer is anything like mine, gift giving is in full swing!

Bacheloertte Party (for the bride to be)
Hopefully, if you are attending someones bachelorette party, you have a pretty good idea of which gift set would be better for your soon to be Mrs.

A good rule of thumb: Any gift that is given at the bachelorette party should not be anywhere on the registry!
1.  Pick a location that is special to the bride and groom and make it come to life. Maybe where they met, or where they are marrying - there are so many ways to represent this now with Etsy that you can really get creative.

2. I love the idea of using the Bride's new monogram on anything! Think about what the bride would use or wear the most, and go from there.

3. My future sister-in-law is really hoping to up the cooking when she and Joel's brother tie the knot in July, so a gift like this is perfect - and makes cooking so much more fun. Signing the bottle in silver marker with a little note will make it extra special.

Father's Day
Dad's are so hard to shop for! When Father's Day comes around, I try to play on my dad's interests.

1. My Dad has the same pictures on his dresser and in his office that he has had up since 1993. So, obvious to say, it's due time he got some updated frames and photos.  This is the route I'll be taking this year and filling the frame with a picture of my sisters and I when they came to Cali to visit.
2. Wine Club memberships are always a safe bet for Dads. Plus, it's the gift that keeps on giving. And, if your dad is more of a beer guy - they've got an app for that too ;-)
3. A gift basket of his favorite things is sure not to disappoint. My dad loves to golf, so this was Father's Day Gift 2012 Runner Up. My other thought for my dad was a music box filled with new headphones, a few new CDS, an iTunes gift card, and some Pop Rocks.

Girlfriend's Birthday

I often think that the best gifts are those things that you would never buy for yourself!

1.  As my friends and I keep moving around the country we try to pop into each other's mailboxes as often as possible so a stationary set is the perfect gift for us.
2. As women in our twenties we are constantly on the go. Lots of traveling, hailing cabs, chatting on the phone, late night martinis - very Sex and the City, if you will, so a new luggage tag and cell phone case are always big hits in my circle.
3. Fun flips flops are a summer staple, but pairing them with a pedicure gift card really up's the ante. 

 In the end, it doesn't really matter how much money you spent - because if it's personal, thoughtful, and useful - it's perfect.


  1. I definitely have the most fun giving gifts and watching someone's reaction! AND I love those pillows-am dying for a London one. For my friend's bachelorette party we got her the Kate Spade "Mrs" necklace! great ideas!

  2. i get so excited for someone to open a gift when i know it's just the perfect thing! great ideas!

  3. All good gift ideas! The hard part for me is planning ahead and not rushing around at the last minute to find a great gift.

  4. Thanks for the great gift ideas, Tess! Gift giving is so much fun when you know what the person you are buying for will like and use. I'm with you on giving gifts along a certain theme, it makes store-bought presents so much more personal and thoughtful.

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