Dinner & Dancing

After Joel and I were officially married, (read more on that here, here, and here) we took formal family pictures and then hid away with our bridal party in a conference room while our guests enjoyed the cocktail hour. 

During that hour our bridal party snacked on the passed hor d'oervres and drank lots and lots of champagne. I loved having that "quiet" time with everyone - and  getting the chance to take a sneak peek at the reception room.


We had three floral and candle tablescapes for the 22 tables in the room and all three exceeded our expectations.


I wasn't a huge fan on having a favor for my guests, because I couldn't find something in the $2-5 range that would be of value to anyone, besides maybe a scrumptious cookie, but my florist reccomended adding a pelligino bottles for a pop of color and for the guests to enjoy.


We added custom coasters underneath too.


After the cocktail hour, all of our guests were seated with a glass of champagne (because, don't you hate having to wait for dinner service to get another drink at weddings?? We couldn't have that!) and my bridal party and Joel and I lined up for our grand entrance. 

Right after we walked in, Joel and I went straight for the first dance. 


We danced to "You Got What I Need" by Joshua Radin, We had taken a series of dance classes and we were both pretty nervous for it but we it ended up great and I honestly forgot that we had a room of 275 people staring at us. 

Joel's brothers and my sisters, and my dad, gave speeches during, or after?, I actually don't remember, dinner. I wasn't sure how they would all do, but each one of them blew us away with their sincerity, thoughtfulness, poise and overall amazingness. 
I loved every minute of my father/daughter dance.

We picked 3 songs that were special to us and just grooved and grooved.
After Joel danced with his mom, we had both of our parents dance to their own weddings songs. Both sets of our parents have been married for years so we thought it would be a pretty good omen. 

And then?

I never got off the dance floor. 

And either did the other 274 people we invited to the wedding.


It was the best, best, best day of my life and there isn't much I wouldn't pay to re-live this exact day  just a few more times.


  1. Absolutely ADORE that pic of you twirling your dress in the last pic! That was pretty much my move for my entire wedding night. My crew wasn't as much for dancing as yours was, but I for sure have never danced as much as I did on my wedding night.

  2. I was the same way at my wedding! Never left the dance floor! Kind of regret not socializing more but can't change it now! I love that your parents danced to their wedding songs! So sweet! Looks like a beautiful wedding!

  3. eeee! i love love love wedding pics. no matter what. they never get old!!!


  4. The sign of a great wedding is a full dance floor! Love it!

  5. I love that your parents both danced to their wedding songs

  6. Love it all! :) I wish I could have danced more but we spent most of the reception talking to people. Downside to having a Sunday wedding in the Fall since people left early. :(

  7. That last picture just captures how much fun you're having perfectly!