WW: The Afternoon of our Wedding

For lots of reasons, Joel and I decided to do a first look. For starters, it made the most logistical sense for the packed day.

Right around 2:30 our photographer and videographer took us (seperatley) to a private part of the hotel and put us in our place.

I was so nervous walking up to Joel, and once I saw the pictures, I could tell Joel was pretty nervous too.

Seeing each other was such an incredible feeling. Some of my friends said that they couldn't do the fist look because they felt like that fairytale spark would be missing from the ceremony. For us, we got that fairytale spark twice.

It had been a long day and I felt like there was already so much to tell him! I had kept my dress a surprise for the entire year, so Joel had to fully check it out ;)

Joel and I started off taking formal pictures just the two of us around the resort.

Then, our bridal party met us down on the golf course for an hour worth of pictures as a group. We took some pictures with our immediate families too.


After the photoshoot was over, everyone loaded into a trolley and was driven down to where the ceremony was to take place.
I sat in the back seat of the trolley with my Dad and it was in that back seat that it really hit us that we were going to make that iconic walk down the isle together and then he was going to have to hand me off to Joel. 

It was one of those really special moments that will be forever with me.

We made it down the aisle, and then, it was time for me to become, Mrs. Shields.



  1. These pictures are so sweet and I love that blue color you used!

  2. Happy feelings ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

    (Also, thanks for having white flowers & navy bridesmaid dresses.... I'm picturing what my photos will look like :p)

  3. Lovvvve the first look pictures.

  4. that first photo is so gorg!! and love the colors, just beautiful!

  5. Ohh my, your wedding photos choke me up EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

    Just love them all.

  6. I love your first look pictures, you both look so nervous, excited and happy!

  7. So stunning. Love everything about these photos!! Eeek!!

  8. Love it! I think First Look's are such a great idea! I know some people want to wait until they walk down the aisle but the day of my wedding, seeing Ryan like that really set the tone for the day and I could finally relax and enjoy everything. :)

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  10. You both are looking awesome together in these images. Bride is looking stunning in this dress. I really loved it. I am looking for budgeted wedding venues NYC as my cousin who is going to take vows next month wants me to look after the arrangements.