run forest run

Something that you may not know is that I actually love to exercise. It's one health habit that has always come easy for me and has been a part of my everyday life for 10 years now.

My current week includes two SoulCycle classes, 2-3 runs, tennis, and an occasional hike.

I am at the point where I need to exercise almost everyday in order to feel like myself.

--and side note, exercise does nothing for me as far as weight loss. It does allow me to maintain my weight, but if I ever want to lose so much as a pound, I need to watch the carbs I put into my body, simple (and sad) as that--

With SoulCycle, and this California weather -and hills- I've been becoming a much better runner.

I'm running 3-4 miles on any given day and this week I got below 10min/miles TWICE.
That has honestly never happened to me!

I run a few 5ks and 10ks every year, but I'm wondering if maybe I could do more. I've always played with the idea of a half, but I've never committed to seeing it through.

Running quote - Gotta love those voices in your head!

For the next few months I''m going to stick with what I'm doing and slowly build mileage. I'm hoping to get up to 6 miles before Christmas.

If I'm there, I think come the New Year, I may actually do something crazy and run 13.1 miles....


  1. Saw this on instagram last night! Way to go love, SO awesome! Keep up the good work!

  2. That quote is PERFECT. So true.

  3. I'm not a runner and I can't stand to exercise so I'm very impressed by people who do! Great job!

  4. I've always wanted to do a half, before I even started running (and I have no desire to run a full marathon lol). But I'm going to wait and see how I do on my 15K and if it goes well, I'm thinking of signing up for a half in April. Guess we'll see!

    I'm so impressed by your run time though, way to go!!! I'm always proud when I make it under 11:00. haha

  5. I'm the same way I could work out every day and not lose weight unless i starve myself along the way. Wish I had your energy!

  6. Do it! It's amazing how Soul Cycle helps with my runs. It gives me the mental motivation I need for the week. There are so many great half's in LA you should be able to find one once you commit to doing it. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  7. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY! Wish we could run together!!!!

  8. You can do it!! I would say start with a 10 mile race and then work up from there if you're worried. I've done a bunch of 10 milers, a half and a full marathon! I had never run more than 4 miles before I decided to do my half and was able to train and run it in 8 weeks. I use Hal Higdon training programs when I'm training for a run.