Friday Five


I followed the lead of a lot of other bloggers and bought this Old Navy sweatshirt online for $19.00. It's super soft, but the fit is snug (which is not normally the case for ON). I'm still on the hunt for a grey crew neck sweatshirt but have still not found the perfect one. 
gray cashmere, black + nude shoesweatshirt + skirt + shoes...love

Have you ever read The Secret?
Believe it or not it actually did change the way I live my life. Some people think it's a little hookey but at the end of the day, it's a reminder that your thoughts matter and they should always be positive.

I still struggle to keep my thoughts positive and so when Hungry Meets Healthy posted on this book I knew I had to give it whirl.

So far, I'm really enjoying it. It's an easy read and such an important reminder.

I've found that I much prefer my day when I start as early as possible. This week I've been getting out of bed at 6:30, having a slow cup of coffee and then getting my workout in before 9. It makes me feel mega-productive and gives me an entire day to get things done without having to have my workout hanging over my head.

Another reality couple lives up to the curse, huh?
I'm not surprised by their split but after 22 years, it's quite sad. I really hope Bill and Guiliana are the exception to this very proven rule. 

Pizza tonight and a day trip to Santa Barbara have me VERY excited that today is Friday. Cheers!
happy friday #summerwithbollare


  1. God I hope Bill and Guiliana's married doesn't fail!! The other day I was watching their show and my husband asked if they were divorced yet. They've been through too much to get divorced! Let us know if you ever find the perfect crew neck sweatshirt because it looks super cute on Olivia! Have a good weekend!

  2. 1) that cup of coffee quote is just what i needed to hear. so perfectly and eloquently put. :)

    2) i missed the Kris/Bruce news! aaaa! so sad. but i COMPLETELY agree about bill and G. hopefully they're the exception!!!


  3. Your early morning workouts are making me jealous of your dedication! You go with your bad self!

  4. I'm actually really sad about the split. I mean, they (as in he) have been through so much crap together. So why now? WHY?! I'm so pathetic, ha ha!
    Love that sweater from Old Navy!

  5. Totally agree on the Bill and Giuliana thing. I REALLY hope they last!