Updated Dining Room, i.e. No patience

 Last night Joel and his buddy brought our new table in and took the old table out. 

The new table was even more gorgeous in person than I remembered but as I suspected, it desperately needed a rug underneath,
 I can't handle un-done projects so as soon as I woke up yesterday I hit the streets in search for the perfect rug. I left Homegoods and World Market empty handed, but Target turned out to have the perfect piece.

I went with this 7x10 size and while it may be just a wee-bit too big for the room, it's in perfect proportion to the table and should carry well into future houses. 

I'm pretty smitten with the whole look.


Happy Halloween!!

SomeeCards - Eat It All


  1. The rug matches perfectly with the chairs and I don't think it's too big at all! Great job!

  2. Oh it looks great! Target has really stepped up their game lately with rugs and the entire Threshold line. I buy household stuff, groceries, workout gear and regular clothes like everytime I'm there. ALL IN ONE!

    Also, did you notice those workout tops we both had went to 50% off? I grabbed a few for six bucks the other day.

  3. rug def. completed the look. good job In acting fast! I'm a muller and it takes me forever. especially with rugs.

  4. Giiiirl that rug is absolutely gorgeous! Obsessed! You inspire me to get my ass moving on my hot mess apartment.

  5. Now, I want a rug and I LOVE that one!!

  6. You can never go wrong with Target. It looks great!

  7. Oh I just love that carpet! Great color and pattern Tess!

  8. Gorgeous table!! Love that rug- such a great find from Target!

  9. Looks great! I saw some rugs at Target the other day that I love, but we just don't have the means to have one. Good or not, I'm not sure since they look so great now!