Me Time

 cozy mornings 
Thankfully Joel doesn't have to travel super often for his job, but when he does, I secretly don't hate it.

When I have a night all to myself, I love nothing more than indulging in every minute of it.

I got off of work early yesterday and quickly reintroduced myself to single Tess.

I finally put up a few wedding pictures around the house and although I still have quite a ways to go I just needed to start.

I've been saving all of my magazines for these next few days so I have lots of heavy reading to do.

Does anyone else feel like Self has really sucked since their magazine re-design. I will not be renewing. 

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I bit the bullet and bought the ever popular Old Navy sweatshirt, and dang am I glad that I did. It's super comfy - and was $8 dollars. It's perfect for lounging in and wearing out. 

I also love not having to worry about cooking dinner or cleaning dishes, and is there anything better than crackers and cheese?


After rolling through my DVR of all of the shows Joel hates to watch, I got to sleep with the dog - which is a rare luxury, and off we went.

Even though my day and night didn't consist of anything wild and crazy, it's sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy the crisp temperatures - a blanket, a bench, a book, and some tea - perfect!


  1. I love a fun night of DVR, wine and cheese. Sounds fun!

  2. you are so precious. love how you rocked this night in such a simple and perfect way. and yaaay to wedding pics around the house! :)


  3. Crackers and cheese. Legit the best meal EVER.

    I'm ready for Mr. RH to go away..... I need some cozy time!

  4. I looooove weekends/days like that!

  5. What a perfect few days! I also caved and got that cute sweatshirt, cant wait for it to get here! Your dinner sounds like mine last night- cheese, crackers and avocado. Cheers!

  6. Such bliss! Crackers and cheese for dinner is the best.

  7. Nights by myself are sometimes my favorite!! Nobody can complain when I watch crappy reality tv, and nobody cares if a bowl of cereal is for dinner. Love it!

  8. I quickly revert to single Emily where Jeremy has business trips too. During the week I love to have evenings alone.

  9. I secretly love a night in to myself for all the same reasons.

  10. Nights by myself are so funny. When tuck goes down I pour myself a glass of wine and read my mags (: