Our work in progress dining room...

Our dining room has seen quite a bit of progression over the last year. 

We started with this:

I found a much needed wall hanging which helped warm up the space

And then, we added two accent chairs to the mix

And now, we need to start all over again.

Yesterday we scooped up this table set.
It's not the most ideal set for our space, but we got it from a friend and it's in near-perfect condition so I'm going to make it work. 

I'm keeping our accent chairs, but I need a new rug and a way to make this long rectangular table work in our long rectangular room.

I'd love a navy blue and white graphic one, but I don't want it to fight with our chairs.
Remember this site for inexpensive rugs! 

Here are some inspiration images I'm trying to use
Transitional Dining Room in beige and gray/ blue 

bar areaLove this space. Kitchen/family rooms

I'm hoping to find something before the weekend so let me know if you have had any luck recently in a local store.


  1. I love the table! It is going to look so great!

  2. love the idea of pairing the accent rugs at the dining room table. such a fun and funky twist! i love it!!!


  3. I'm sure you're looking for something reasonably priced but... I found the source for that gorgeous blue and white one in the second inspiration picture. It's definitely my favorite one. It comes in multiple sizes and colors (8x10 is $1,500). Here's the link: http://www.madelineweinrib.com/blue-over-easy-cotton-carpet#

  4. What a beautiful set! JM really wants to find a good bench for our dining table. It's against a wall now, but it would give us so much more seating when we need to use that 4th side of the table.

  5. Ahhh I am so obsessed with all of those rugs!! Gorgeous patterns.

    And I'm jealous of how nice and settled your home is. I am still living in a disaster zone!

  6. Your accent chairs are gorgeous! Can't wait to see the new table in the space!