Halloween Throwback

Why am I even sharing these with you??? 

Ohhh, I may seriously regret this.

Below, take a little sneak peak at my silly Halloween costumes during college.

Oh, future daughter (or Nellie), please don't do this.

It's not cute. 

I promise!

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

My first year out of college, I got smart and went as a more demure "social butterfly"

We have taken a few much needed years off from dressing up, but this year we are getting back in the game.

There is no way in hell that I'm wearing the itchy, slutty, super unattractive costumes-in-a-bag that I once obsessed over, so I've been researching fun adult costumes and check these out.
Do It Yourself Collections: DIY lipstick. Finally, a use for those broken crayons!
Miss Universe
homemade halloween costumes (7) Wheel of Fortune! - Halloween Costume Contest at http://www.costume-works.com
You could easily turn those two into super cute adult costumes...
OMG.....Julie, Glenda and I did this 35 years ago....my mom made the costumes...except we were 2 grapes and an apple .   We won 1st place at the cypress club...
And, of course, celebrities kill it, naturally....

Nicole Richie
Emma Roberts

Michael and Kelly

Are you dressing up? What are you favorite costumes?


  1. I don't care to get dressed up anymore either. The thought of having to come up with a costume stresses me out! I do like the funny adult ones though. Definitely way over the slutty ones that cost $100+!

  2. Love this, I totally wore the same costume my freshman year. I'd probably never do that again...

  3. Haha, I love the ET costume.

    We were just discussing costumes at work today and think we're going to do rock, paper & scissors for our dress up day at work (as there are 3 of us in our dept!).