A Typical Day In My Life

Inspired from Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, I thought I'd document how I spend my days. 

Since I moved out here to Los Angeles, I started a "Work From Home" position. It's been a constant transition, since if I don't keep myself very busy, I can quickly feel down in the dumps, lonely, and unproductive. My job is in sales, so if I'm not in sales meetings, or in the car, my time at home can sometimes move slowly. The hardest days for me are when I'm not on the road, but recently I've started to try and keep those days as full as possible.

Joel is up and at um' at 5:45am every morning. I'm normally awake at that point, since the dog has now joined me in bed, but I let myself doze on and off until 7:30. Joel leaves right about that time, and I begin to get the day started. Today I didn't have my usual 9am conference call with my team, so I was able to start my morning slowly.
 My breakfast routine is a cup of coffee and oatmeal with a banana. I eat breakfast right away in the morning because I don't like to be full when I run (which is in the later morning). I'm still in my PJs and robe at this point, too. - which is a major perk of working from home.
I take my breakfast to the couch and put on the Today show. I live right by a school, and at 8am I can hear the bell ring and the morning announcements. For some reason, I love it. It's such a homey, relaxed feeling and I like knowing that the neighborhood is up and moving.
After I've eaten breakfast, I turn on my computer, catch up on blogs and check my email for the first time. While I was on the computer this morning, I got a facebook chat from my mom who asked me to skype. We talk every morning, but I got a strange feeling that something was up.

We skyped and I noticed my mom had glasses on - which meant that she had been crying. My heart sank when I noticed that my cousin Gia was sitting next to her. Gia was at school that day and had been at an assembly about the Columbine School Shooting. It had touched on the fact of how short life can be - and it brought up a lot of emotions for Gia about her mom - my aunt Peg, who passed away in March.
She ran to the nurses office and called my mom to pick her up from school. The two of them sat, and cried, and talked, and then went out for lunch and did some shopping. I'm so thankful that my mom is there for Gia and Riley - and so proud of her for stepping up and seriously proving what an amazing woman, sister, mom, wife, and friend that she is. I hope so much that I will be like her when I grow up.

9:30am - 11am
Today I had a proposal to work on for a client, so I set up shop at our breakfast bar and just got it done. Working from home can take a lot of discipline since you are able to make your own schedule. I find that it's easier to get the bulk of my work done in the morning, so I always try to tackle my work to-do list before moving on to anything else.

I try to run at least four times a week. I have a 3 mile loop that I do around my neighborhood and it takes me about 35 minutes to get it done. 
My run is tough, and it takes a lot out of me. The route has about ten tough hills to get through, but my mantra when I run is "It's not can you, but will you". I know my body is capable of making it up the hill, it just depends on if my mind is.
It takes me like 20 minutes to cool off and I spend that time chugging water. The dog is in his crate at this time ("nap time" as I refer to it) - so I take advantage of showering without having to worry if he is chomping on my shoes.

I try to stay out of sweats when I'm working from home. I feel better if I put jeans on and some makeup, and so I try to make an effort to put something on everyday. I normally don't waste my time to do much to my hair - just put it in a bun or pony most of the time.


One "diet-y" thing that I'm trying to do recently is eat only salads at lunch. I kind of failed today because I couldn't say no to the leftover homemade pizza that was staring at me in the fridge.  

Today I had to drop off a few things for a local client - but just in their mailbox (no need to dress up!), so I put Roscoe in the car and took him with me. On our way home we picked up Roscoe's bestie Lucy for a little playdate. We are going out to dinner with Lucy's mom, Shelby and so we decided we'd let the pups play together while we were out on the town.

My mom and Dad are coming (I think!) the first week of November, and my mom is going to be so mad when she sees the state of my garden. I've totally let it die, so I'm working so hard to get these bad boys back to life before she gets here.  

Since we are heading out with friends tonight, I took the dogs for a nice long walk to ease the momma guilt of leaving them alone for the night.

 My night outfit of the day was a Milly jacket, AG jeans, and some Tory Burch wedges. 


I met my girlfriend Shelby for happy hour at Tortilla Republic in West Hollywood. They have $6 tequila drinks until 7pm, and so we did a little damage before our men met us for dinner.


The boys met us around 7pm and then took our tequila'd butts home for some much needed water and sleep. 

My days are long, but good. I can't complain about this interesting lifestyle that I've somehow acquired, but rest assured, the nights I don't make it out to meet friends, I often get a little cabin fever if I've been home all day. Luckily I'm finding things that are necessary in my day to keep me busy and productive - like running and wearing clothes - and I have to say that I often need to realize how lucky and blessed I am to have this job, this lifestyle, and the freedom and flexibility I know expect. I don't know if I'll ever be able to have a desk job again.


  1. Love this post. I might have to do this too! I also like that you can hear the school bell ring! We can hear the soccer cheers from the soccer fields nearby...sort of the same?! ;)

  2. Looks like you're making sure you keep busy! :)

    And that's awesome of how your Mom has taken on that role for your Aunt.

  3. Sending love and good karma to Gia! What a fabulous support system she has in your family. :)

  4. I love day in the life posts, especially since you are local!

  5. Love these posts. Your mom sounds like an absolute gem.