Wedding Wednesday: We registered!

I've got to give some props to Crate & Barrel in Beverly Hills for making our first registering experience absolutely fantastic.

We showed up to the store at 9am on Sunday morning, and since it didn't open until 11am, 20 couples including ourselves got to roam the aisles without any interruptions.

Plus, they had all sorts of vendors set up around the store testing out how to use the fun appliance's - which meant we got to have fresh juices, cinnamon waffles, and test drive the knives we ended up buying. 

It took us about two hours to make it through everything but it was so much fun. I've looked forward to holding that gun in my hands for years and it was totally worth the wait.

The few things that we were most excited to register for included the bar items - to no one's surprise. Our favorite item, by far, on our list, is this wine fridge that desperately needs to make its way to our home! 
I was right at home in this section.
And Joel was pretty pumped for his bourbon decanter.

For the most part, I stuck with classic everyday options for the rest of my registry that will hopefully stay in stock and style for many years to come.

Printing off our pages and pages of hand picked list of presents tasted just as sweet as I always imagined it would! 

And - to end the experience - we each got a cute little vase to take home.

When do you start actually getting these goodies?!


  1. I really hope you get your wine fridge AND your KitchenAid! I am in love with my KA. haha

    I didn't start to get any goods until my showers.

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  3. Such a fun experience! Hand picked gifts. Nothing sounds better to me! :)

  4. yay for registering!! my husband and i registered at C&B too and those events for registering couples make it really easy and not awkward but a lot of other couples are doing it. i love that plateware

  5. One thing I did was for Christmas when people asked what I needed/wanted I sent them straight to the registry.

  6. Registering is SO much fun! C&B was my favorite too!

  7. That just LOOKS like fun. Wine fridge and KitchenAid need to find their way into my home as well!