Weekend Report: Malibu Wines and Some Fall Favs

I have another must go spot if you ever find yourself in Los Angeles; Malibu Wines. It's about an hour drive from our house in Westwood but it's all along the PCH and then up a mountain, so you feel like you've seriously left the city and somehow entered a little piece of paradise.

My outfit for our Day Date
We ended up parking in their parking lot about half a mile from the actual winery and as we parked I spotted a camel. Like the actual animal. I told Joel, and he was like "Ya, and there's a zebra". I thought he was mocking me, but actually, there in fact was a zebra. Right then and there I knew we were in for some fun.

The winery is small but on a Saturday afternoon was packed. You can bring in your own food so we packed a cooler full of meats, cheeses, and crackers - a perfect pairing for wine. We didn't expect to sit on the ground, but next time we will definitely bring a picnic blanket. We found a cute spot in the shade - in perfect view of the band that was playing - and camped out for the entire afternoon.
We tried a flight of wines before deciding on our favorite bottle - a syrah - that is made from Malibu grapes. 

We finally snagged some rocking chairs - with the perfect wine holders ever - had the most relaxing afternoon ever. Even though the place was bustling, I felt like we were on our own porch, just enjoying the good life. The weather was perfect and I couldn't dream up a better date with my hubby to be.
On Sunday I started my morning with breakfast and a new magazine outside. The weather was perfect and my coffee shop started brewing pumpkin spice coffee.
After breakfast we took Roscoe with us and hiked Runyon Canyon before trying to pick up new patio furniture at Target. I've been needing new chairs outside since we moved out here, and finally decided to bite the bullet yesterday - only to learn that they are a seasonal item. I was so mad I literally stormed out of Target like a bratty 4 year old.

That rest of the day Sunday we added a few fall touches to the apartment, did some cleaning and had my cousin Cole and his new wife Brianna over for a yummy dinner and some more Malibu wine. 
These Target containers are so cute with a votive at night
Our leftovers from Malibu Wines
You guys need to make this pumpkin bread. It's TDF.
 Even though we didn't get the new items I was hoping to pick up - we had a great night with family, and no one really noticed the uncomfortable Ikea chairs I brought out from the dining room.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. your weekend sounds like it was perfect! and you definitely have my mouth watering with that cheese plate!!

  2. I love your weekend reports. Especially since all my weekends are consumed with football...blahhh.

  3. That winery sounds amazing...and I want to steal that sculpture...and the chairs.