Friday Thoughts

  • For the third weekend in a row, Joel and I are both home and staying pretty low-key. I'm getting concerned that this is a sign of aging.
  • We are doing another trail run on Saturday morning. Last Saturday I got 4 miles in 53 minutes, and I'm hoping we run about 5 miles in 60. I have been eating (and drinking) far too much, so Lord knows I could use a nice, long run.
  • Thanks to my reader Katelyn Garlow - I got alerted of the Lands End puffy vest sale and snatched up a dark brown one for $35 bucks. If you decide to order it here, find something else for $15 dollars, because every order over fifty has free shipping, and because I had a few too many glasses of wine when I ordered it I paid like $48 with shipping and I'm only getting the vest
  • I'm so happy that I have two sets of visitors coming out to LA in November! I've been homesick and my parents and bestie Claire couldn't have lined up better times to come. I have a few fun things planned but I'm totally up for recommendations on things to do or see in the LA area if you've got um. 
  • Mainly since my mom is coming, I have an urge to make sure that everything in my house is perfect before she and my dad get here. I'm desperate for more chairs for the patio, organized closets, and fresh new candles for their stay. I've got a to-do task list that will be completed by the time they get here
.Organized Linen Closet. Like the idea of baskets for sheets.
  •  I'm kind of bumming about Halloween. We live in a condo building, and while we have quite a few kids in the building, I really don't think they're going to be knockin' on our door for any kinds of candy. What do you do as adults, with no kids? Thai and beer and dressing up your dog? Don't judge.
  • Do you have opinions on the fact that Kristen and Rob were spotted making out again? Personally, I don't find either one of them attractive in the least bit but it makes me feel bad for Rob and I totally semi want to label him a straight up fool.
  • And girl needs to find herself a stylist and attitude adjustment. I can't handle the emo.
  • I'm so freaking happy it's Friday! 
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  1. I think Kristen and Rob are a train wreck... I can't look away! I feel bad for him, I think he's clearly a good guy and she's a bitch... I swear she's only "back" with him to save her image... slash for the press tour for the last Twilight movie.

    Yay for low-key weekends!!

  2. Halloween sort of sucks at this age unless you have a fun party to attend! Rob is silly for taking her back. He didn't get the memo that she's awkward and not that great.

  3. GO you on your trail running! That is brave. I am more of a flat ground girl!

    I have done that with shipping/coupons before. I get so mad at myself!

  4. This will make me sound like a total crazy but I am into the whole Rob/Kristen conspiracy theories. I don't buy the real couple thing. I think they are back "together" for publicity for the next movie. But who knows!

    Have you been to the Getty Villa yet? I just went recently for the first time since it was remodeled. A good spot to take your parents to for a nice meal, beautiful view

  5. That vest is so cute!

    As for the whole Kristen/Rob thing, I really think everyone needs to back the heck off. She's young and made a mistake. Why is no one concerned about the power dynamic between the fact that her director was an older married man? I by no means condone cheating, but seriously. This article pretty much sums up how I feel about the media coverage of the "scandal": http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nico-lang/trampires-why-the-slut-sh_b_1850940.html