If I was a house


Martha's Vineyard home designed by Patrick Ahearn. The main house is larger than it looks!

... I imagine I'd be a sprawling, shake estate with a pool and lots of outdoor sitting areas - probably with a fire pit and lots of hydrangea's by my front door. 

There would be lots of barefoot kids running around and a big driveway far enough from the street that it was quiet, but close enough to our neighbors that we could easily stop over for after dinner cocktails. My pool would hold the remnants of a well spent summer day and the outdoor fridge would always be stocked.

I'd have extra bedrooms for guests to have sleepovers and an endless supply of breakfast breads and fresh squeezed orange juice. And the newspaper would be delivered everyday. 

And I'd live in a town with all of my family and friends.

cape cod - shake cedar siding

Poolside perfection. 

If only I could be a house!


  1. Oh my word, I want to live in your town. Kinda reminds me of the Hamptons? haha

  2. you've got GREAT taste my friend...those are all gorgeous (and right up my alley, too!)

  3. You have the BEST taste! I love all of those houses. Hydrangeas too! Also, great job on the leopard print dress from Target! I high tailed it over there after I read your post and bought one for myself! To wear this weekend. :)

  4. this all sounds like heaven to me! can i live there too! :)