Wedding Wednesday

Did you know that Crate & Barrel hosts registry events all around the country? Apparently they throw these get togethers before the stores open and serve food and drinks all while giving you the top tops to getting the most for your registry buck.

We are going to ours on Sunday - and I'm so excited - but I didn't want anyone to miss out on the chance in case these come to a halt during the holiday season.
 Cute wedding present
Here are the top ten registry tips that I've gathered before actually regestiering.

1. Start early: We are about 8 months out which seems early enough for me.
2. Register Together: Champagne is involved and Joel really, really wants to pick out the knife set.
3. Register for how you live: Hello wine fridge, you're coming home with us.
4. Know the stores shipping, returning, and exchanging policies: Do any return for cash anymore?
5. Stick to the classics: My mother is nodding.

Any of these I should scratch?

What do Joel and I need to know before we get our gun and go crazy?!


  1. We registered at C&B too, but didn't do one of the registry things (although it sounded super fun!). I love all the stuff I got from there...so many classic things but some fun stuff too! Good luck!

  2. We did the registry event at C&B too. I loved it. Plus you get a little gift too. ;)

    For registering, register for stuff you'll actually use NOW. And also have the room for. Plus now is the time to upgrade stuff you already have that you want to replace as well. It's also best to register in the store instead of online the first time. A lot of the time, some stuff will only be on the website and not the actual store. It's also beneficial so you can see stuff firsthand like towels, dishes, etc.

    Of course, it's also good to do it together. And have fun! Don't let it stress you out if you don't agree on something. It's all about compromise.

  3. Register for more than you think (and a wide range of prices). When in doubt, scan it. You can always delete it later online. Between bridal showers, holidays & the actual wedding- the registry items disappear quickly and it's better to give guests lots of options to choose from. I also found more people preferred to buy a single item (ie a toaster) than one piece of a set (a china plate or crystal glass). Don't feel guilty if you end up returning some things and using credit to buy what you really want. People want you to enjoy your gifts. I don't think there is any shame in exchanges, plus it takes the pressure off a bit. And ENJOY! You get to shop, sip champagne and not spend money. :)

  4. Love this! Sadly C&B doesn't go to Louisville for this. Can't wait to read your recap!!

  5. Bed bath and beyond returns for cash. It was amazing.

  6. Seems like a no-brainer, but pick items across a variety of price-points to give people options and make sure you'll actually use whatever you register for.