Wedding Wednesday: Table Linens

I cannot believe that I have been engaged for FOUR months and one day. The time is just slipping through my fingers and there is still so much to do. Every month we keep plugging away at things, but come 2013, shit is going to get real. With bridal showers, bachelorette parties, final details, and the dreaded diet, I'm trying to soak up these last 3 months of relaxation. 

The few things that we need to get done this month are:
 - Picking the grooms suits
 - Hiring the photographer
 - Putting the deposit down for our florist
 - Finalizing the guest list
 - Finish making the wedding website
 - Pick a save-the-date picture and begin designing

and the hardest one for me... - Decide on table linen colors

I'm having such a hard time deciding to go light or dark with my table linens. Part of me wants to go ivory....my florist thinks it should be navy....and my mom randomly - and hopefully as a joke, threw out green.

modern table decor.hilton-head-weddings-navy-reception--navy on tables looks better than i thought for a weddingcocktail tablestable settingmodern stripes  Photography by christinearnold.com, Floral Design, Event Decor   Coordination by artisanevents.netPretty seaside wedding ~ white white and more white ~ reception at Wychmere Beach Club. Photography by meredithperdue.com

What do you think? Any words of wisdom?
chair decor.


  1. Our colors are SO similar :) We're doing apple green, navy and white/ivory. Guys are wearing navy suits- that was a bit of a struggle to figure out. Our table linens are ivory/white with an apple green under lay popping out- then apple green napkins, and little navy accents (table number, menu card, etc). All the flowers are green and white. I like the look of fresh, light and crisp for spring/summer!

  2. I like the white w. navy striped runner you posted. Although it's tougher to execute a runner if you are doing round tables. I think linen really depends on your venue… If it’s a little on the plain side, more exciting linens can spice it up, if you want more color, etc. I found linens to be an easy way to make a dramatic impression… but then again, there are so many ways you can make a big impact, depending on what you want.
    I changed my mind about a 100 times and ended up selecting my linens 6 weeks before my wedding. So you are ahead of the game!

  3. I went with ivory tablecloths with colored runners. I had every other table alternate between green and orange runners. I wanted some color on the tables, but not too much that it was overwhelming. I also wanted our centerpieces to be the focal point of the table if that makes sense.

  4. I love the pic with the checked napkins and the navy trimmed bow!! I love blues so I would go with navy!

  5. On Monday, I will have been engaged for 2 months. And honestly, I feel like I have accomplished SO much. Until I look at my to-do list. Holy crap-ola.

    Unfortunately, I kinda feel like my colors are decided for me. Since my venue has a very specific look... and chairs that are gold/black, I feel like I have to go with black linens. Isn't that so BORING?!

    Basically, I have nothing helpful to say. Other than my tables are going to be black and gold and silver. Black linens with silver and gold centerpieces.

    I have no clue who I am or where those colors came from.. and they don't match my hypothetical bridesmaids dresses.

    So yeah, blah blah blah. Maybe I should just write you an email instead?

  6. I love the ivory tablecloth with the navy or striped runner (very nautical). If you are doing rounds you could always do a navy napkin with an ivory tablecloth or vice versa. We ended up with burnt orange tablecloths and I loved them!

  7. I love the lighter linens with darker accents. Something about it seems to make the tablescape pop. :)

  8. Probably too late to make a difference, but I say go light!

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