Weekend Report

We had another weekend focused on staying home and just relaxing with "us". Friday night we ordered in sushi and we were both in bed, after watching Easy A, by 10.

Saturday marked the official beginning of my 10k trail race. I've been running about 3 miles around my hilly neighborhood, but I was not seriously nervous to run trails that I had once struggled to hike. Joel is a serious runner - but he was sweet enough to stick with me the entire time. We ended up doing 4 miles, in about 50 minutes, which Joel deemed pretty freaking impressive. I had to stop multiple times to catch my breath, but I did it - and actually really enjoyed it.
H&M dress from last fall
We celebrated with a mimosa and caprese panini and my favorite lunch spot in Brentwood - Coral Tree Cafe - and some Pinkberry.

I did have to force Joel to try on wedding tuxes, but it turned out to only be an hour process and we finally have them all locked down.So happy that it was a successful trip - and our men, now have outfits!

His present for being a good sport on wedding appointments!
Saturday night the Vols played a late game so we stayed home, opened a nice bottle of wine, and made Chili. We tried to pretend that it wasn't 87 degrees here.

On Sunday - Joel surprised me with flowers and french toast - for which I'm still trying to decide why he is feeling guilty....

 Oh - and then allowed me to drag him to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out some pumpkins to carve.

He hates going to these things since we don't have kids, he thinks that everyone is thinking that we are there to steal their children, so we literally spent ten minutes picking out our pumpkins and then hightailed it home.  
I haven't carved pumpkins in years - and while it was fun and therapeutic to "craft", it's a freaking messy, and tough job.
Do you love his costume?!
 Painting them is way, way easier.


  1. love the pumpkin/doggy fireplace line up!

  2. Your pup is seriously adorable! And congrats on the run! 4 miles + hills does not equal a fun time. haha

  3. Roscoe looks like a model doggie- how freaking cute!! Miss him! (and you)

  4. I loove carving pumpkins and I'm not sure if I'm going to get to do it this year!! Too much to do!! Busy busy!

  5. Lovvve that outfit, fall perfection!

  6. Love the outfit! Joel is such a good sport.