Friday Thoughts

1. We are officially spending Christmas in Mexico! We will be living life in paradise from the 22nd-30th and I couldn't be more excited. It's going to be a little different this year, since my sister Hannah, who is living in Spain, won't be able to join us, but we are going to skype with her everyday and enjoy many few corona's in her honor.
St. Regis Punta Mita, Punta Mita, Mexico
Punta Mita, I will see YOU in 73 days! 

2. For the next 72 days, here in reality, we have to do silly things like cook ourselves dinner. And, if you have to do that too, you should seriously give this recipe a whirl.

It made our Monday night so much better.

3. On Wednesday I had quite possibly the coolest work event ever. They gave away free shoes, makeup, and had Bellacures on staff for each of us to get a fresh manicure!
Smokin' Hot by Essie
4. I think fall might actually be starting to show it's pretty face here in Los Angeles. Roscoe and I could not be happier and we are trying to take advantage of every minute.

Fall freshness just has me wanting to crisp up everything from my eyebrows to my linen closet.

5. This weekend is bound to be another fun one. Joel has a date planned for us all day Saturday at Malibu Wines and I can't wait to come back with a full report. 

Celebrate Life


  1. I need a job where getting manicures at a work function happens. Yes please.

    So jealous you get to spend Christmas in Mexico. Lucky duck!

  2. Roscoe is so cute!! My family's talked about doing a Christmas trip, but I don't know if I would like Christmas away from home...hmmm!