Wedding Wednesday: Choosing a Photographer

 Love this nighttime shot of the bride & groom


I really don't know, or appreciate all that goes into wedding photography and I SERIOUSLY don't know how to hire a photographer.

I'm taking a few things into consideration, besides just cost:
  • Woman preferred. The photographer will be in the room all day long, and I sort of envision myself and my group to be weepy - and well, I think I'd feel more comfortable with a girl there.
  • Subtle and natural. I don't like posed pictures at weddings. I want the photographer to capture the real life events, just told in a beautiful way. 
  • I think I'd like a team so that one of the photographers can be with me, and when can be with Joel. One can take group family shots, while the other captures the cocktail hour.
So precious
What else should I be considering before I make this decision? Do you have a Chicago/Milwaukee vendor that you love?


  1. Look at the hours they have available. Make sure they have at least 4 hours for the reception so that they can capture all the more important moments. I made sure that we had two photographers as well.

  2. What a well timed post! ;)
    I think you are definitely going to want two shooters- at least a photographer + skilled assistant.
    Are you and Joel going to do a first look? We decided to do one so we could get all the formal shots out of the way before the ceremony and enjoy more of our cocktail hour (one of the few chances you have to mingle with your guests). An upside that I didn't realize until after the fact is that I was so nervous until I saw Sean (and that came through in the photos). After our we saw each other I was visibly more relaxed/ look better in the pictures.
    Wedding planning session soon! :)

  3. All I want in life is for someone to tell me I will have ONE gorgeous wedding photo. One that would make pinterest weep and will be framed on my wall for the rest of my life. Is that too much to hope for?

  4. Get to know their personal style as a photographer. Look at their portfolio and get to know them well enough to see if your tastes and views mesh. Don't know any photographers in the Chicago area but I know a great photographer in the Phoenix area.

  5. Perfect timing! We're picking our photographer now and man, it makes me so nervous! What if I get my hopes up so much and I hate them all? Agh so many things I should not be worried about, but it's natural. I agree with all of your requirements and I feel like so many photogs are great at capturing candids now as opposed to the traditional formal shots. Can't wait to hear who you pick!

  6. I'd look at packages and editing styles too.