10 things....


10 things I've learned from moving far, far away from home:

1. It's easier to do it with someone: I give major props to anyone who moves across the state, country, or world by themselves. Having Joel as a built in friend in California allowed me an enormous safety net. I knew if I didn't meet anyone that I liked, I'd still be able to have him. I knew I'd never be truly alone.

2. You become more "you": I have no one out here that I need to please. I get to decide what I like to do, when I'd like to do it, and who I'd like to do it with. There are so many less commitments that I need to fulfill that I find myself only doing things that I want to do. It's a very freeing experience. It's a selfish experience, and one that I'm enjoying.
3. An unlimited cell phone plan is necessary: I spend an obnoxious amount of time on the phone. Luckily I spend an obnoxious amount of time in the car which has turned into an ideal time to catch up with all of Chicago.

4. You spend a lot of money: LA is far more expensive than Chicago and "saving" has becoming increasingly harder to accomplish. Also, the shopping out here is just so freaking tempting.

5. You become much less afraid of flying: With flying home to visit my family and spending a lot of time traveling, I've been on a plane at least once a month for the last 6 months. With that, I've become more comfortable with being in the air.

6. You become more content: I've learned that you really have no idea where the future is going to take you. As a control freak, this a light-bulb moment/revelation for me. I'm learning to live more in the moment, appreciate this time in the here and now, and not fret about the unknown.

Happiness where you are. 

7. You spend more time trying new things: For us, this means a lot of new restaurants and wines, but we're also exploring new cities, meeting new friends, and working at new jobs. All of the new things we throw ourselves into are making us better adults.

8. Certain things have to give: With all of the good that has come from the move, things have had to give a little as well. Like our favorite sushi spot that has yet to be replaced, or the fact that we have to find all new doctors. The breakfasts that I won't be able to share with my grandparents and the idea that I won't be able to make it to all of my cousins birthday parties or baby showers. Or that I won't be home to grill out on Father's Day with my Dad. The fact that I haven't met my cousin's baby.  There are a lot of sacrifices that come with being across the country.

9. Your stories get better: I like knowing that when I have kids one day, I'll get to let them know that I left my bubble and explored the world.

10. You find out who and what really matters.

'Not all those who wander are lost' is a line borrowed from a poem by J. R. R. Tolkien.


  1. Love this post Tess! And that quote about being in your 20s is perfect!

  2. This reminds me so much of my life. Picking up and leaving home at 23!! Cheers to you girl!

  3. I'm glad you're finding the move to be such a positive experience. I moved across the country for university when I was 17 having only two acquaintances and it has been one of the best things I've ever done by far!