Color Her Crazy

I know it's summer and all, but this excessive amount of neon is just out of control (all the way down to the silvery Toms).

And unfortunately this offense is awarded to the normally impeccably well dressed Ms. Alba.

Maybe she should take a page out of Gwyn's book and stick with white - which is as equally as summery - and far more chic.


  1. I agree, Jessica Alba's outfit is a little TOO much. I like the idea, but the outcome seems to have fallen short of her usual envy-inducing style choices. I'm a much bigger fan of what Gwyn is wearing.

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  3. Gweneth looks so gorgeous in that pic, I'm having some serious hair envy!!! (and arm envy for that matter lol)

  4. I heart Gwyneth. Not sure WHAT was going through Jessica Alba's head...maybe she let her daughter dress her?