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I had such an amazing weekend. 

I feel like my life in California has been so lucky. I've just felt really blessed and thankful the last few weeks. 

 Just a quick tangent - I never thought moving to California was going to be scary. It didn't intimidate me for some strange reason. I was moving with my best friend and I just figured if nothing else, we would have a lot of fun together. 

Little did I think that I would meet people that I will keep as friends for a lifetime.

You know when you are in college your freshman year and everyone shares that same bond of - shit, my parents just left me, I'm alone for the first time ever, and I need some friends to watch Laguna Beach with?

I feel like that's a little like what our new groups world is like. All of us (or our significant others) were transferred out here to LA for jobs and we've been forced to make friends and a new life out here. And it just so happens that I have quickly, quickly made friends that I actually love. 

On Friday, as 7 girls were chatting a mile a minute at our book club, drinking too much wine and champagne, listening to classical music, and talking about 50 Shades of Grey (while eating a penis cake) - I teared up. It was probably the wine, but I just couldn't believe that in that second, I felt like I was home.


Flash forward to Saturday.

I woke up hungover.And with a to-do list a mile high.

After a 2 hour walk around my neighborhood, I met one of my new girlfriends Shelby at the mall to find ourselves dresses for that evening. As I mentioned Joel had a fancy work event that evening - and Shelby and her fiance work with Joel as well - so she was my shopping partner in crime.

I tried on pretty much 75 dresses and was honestly sweating in the dressing room. Shelby is a Gwyneth Paltrow look a like, so she of course bought the first dress she tried on.

The pressure was seriously so high because we had to leave for Orange County by 5 and it was inching very close to 3:30 and I still hadn't found a dress. 

Finally, the last dress I tried on, I loved. It was one sale for $230 and fit my body like a glove. 

And bonus points....Bloomingdales was offering 25% off already reduced prices so I ended up getting the dress for $180 buckaroos!

The event was a charity auction and Joel's company had donated one of the auction items so in this massive showroom of millions of dollars worth of cars, the 4 of us sat VIP for the entire night.
What added to the fun of the night were all of the different gambling tables.I've never had a good opportunity to learn how to play, and this was the most ideal setting - so now I'm pretty much addicted. I loved black jack and roulette.

The event was on Cinco de Mayo and they sort of ran away with that theme. Tequila tastings, fajita bars, and lots of good music.


We had such a great night.  And somehow on our drive home I somehow talked Joel into stopping at Bristol Farms to pick up some ice cream.

We got our tried selves home, into PJs and took our two giant bowls of ice cream into bed.

I mean, can you beat it?


  1. That looks like such a fun event!! And seriously, that dress looks fantastic on you!

  2. SO fun! Glad you're getting settled into your new life so well!

  3. Wow! It does sound like you had a fabulous weekend. I am so glad you have found friends out here. It can be very challenging. The dress is super cute too!

  4. I am kinda really jealous that you found a fun book club! I have been looking for one since I moved back to LA 3 years ago. The first one had too much drama and the second one was all couples and they kept having babies and dropping out!