Getting the house ready for vistors

I love to host people at my house.

Growing up, my parents were constantly hosting people. Every Sunday night we had at least 15 people over for a big family dinner. They held holiday parties in our living room and BBQ's outside over summer. In fact, every time I think of home, I envision a full house, with lots of food and drinks being had, music blaring, and friends and family milling about. It's what I want my future to be for my kids too.

But, back to the present moment. My cousin and her boyfriend Andrew are my next set of visitor's to come stay with us, and they arrive tonight!

Whenever I have people coming to stay with us, I try to make the house, and their stay, as comfortable as possible.

Here are a few of the "musts" that I need to make sure are done before I have out of town visitors. And, in all honesty, it was my intention to show you MY clean house or stocked fridge, however.....these things have yet to be done as of this morning, so Pintrest to the rescue.

A Clean House
Stocked Toiletries

Fresh Flowers

Loaded Bar and Fridge

And maybe even a nice welcome basket if the guest is really, extra special  
(like my cousin Amanda is....) 

Do you add any other special touches when you have people staying in your home?


  1. I love the idea of a special welcome basket for guests. It's such a sweet gesture.

  2. i always make sure that i have fresh flowers when having houseguests...for some reason, even just one little vase can brighten up the whole room!

    i could not agree more about wanting a home like that for my kids someday too. :)

  3. I love the welcome basket idea! I have someone do that for me whenever I go visit them, and I love it!

  4. I love the welcome basket, so cute! I usually do my guest serenading if you will, in the kitchen making their favorite meals and baking.

  5. Might be stealing this and making it my personal checklist. The guest basket is such a sweet idea. You must be quite the hostess! Hope you have fun with Amanda and her boyfriend!