kendra scott earrings
I finally got my pretty paws on a turquoise pair courtesy of my best friend Claire. The girl knows me well. In fact, I'm wearing them as I type! They paired perfectly with my orange dress for the wedding in Florida, and I've already envisioned about 47 outfits I plan to wear them with,

coffee bean cafe vanilla
Strangely enough, LA isn't as populated with the ever famous Starbucks like most big cities (and small ones really) in the country. Here - as you most likely know if you read US Weekly - we roll with Coffee Bean. And, I can honestly say that I understand why. The coffee bean by my house is like our "The Max". People hang out at the fire pit until the wee hours of the morning sippin' on the goodies. I'm personally obsessed with the Cafe Vanilla and have been treating myself to it on the regular.


This is my favorite store to stock up at. The selection can be small depending on which store you visit but it's worth squeezing in and out of aisles to try on the goods. I normally end up having to try on about twenty items before I go home with a few winners, but all of the clothes I've ever bought from francesca's fit well, look good, and have held up through multiple wears. I'm itching to pick up these pretties soon.

patio furniture
I have my sisters coming into town tomorrow, then my cousins next weekend, and then Joel's parents in July, and I'd like for our patio to be an extension of the house for myself and for them. Even though it's last night (my sisters arrive tomorrow) I'm hoping I'm going to be able to stock up at World Market. And I'm pretty sure it was serendipity since I received a 10% off coupon in my inbox this morning. 

trader joe's

I'm late to the punch here, but TJ's is honestly where it's at. It's cheap, friendly, and stocked full of delicious goodies. I didn't shop there before because I was being a brand whore. They don't carry "la croix" or "helmann's", but when I got over that, I learned to appreciate the lack of brand names - mainly because you don't pay for them!

bond girl by erin duffy
Since wrapping up 50 Shades, it's been really hard to find a book that has been able to keep my attention - but I finally found one. Bond Girl is the perfect read for a twenty something in the big, bad, business world. It's a little  like The Devil Wears Prada but the character is really relate-able and the stories in the book have had me actually "lol-ing".

Okay, time to get lots of errands done (including my job, which is basically a chore) before Hannie and Nellie arrive!!! Have a great hump day....a long weekend is looming in the future!

p.s. this is my 500th post!


  1. Love, love, love those earrings! I've been eying them for the last year. Not sure why I haven't bought them yet! lol. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Your outfit sounds precious, the Danielle Earrings in turquoise pairs perfectly with oranges! Thanks so much for the love!

    XO, -Kendra

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