I loved catching up on Kate's photo a day challenges every month so I finally decided to give it a whirl for myselfApril.

 I probably captured about 75% of the days - which means I didn't totally fail -  I hopefully I'll do better in May!

1. Your Reflection - My apartment has mirrors everywhere.....

2. Colour - It's not a good sign when you miss the 2nd day of an assignment!

3. Mail - My sister Hannah sent me a card in the mail with a magnet that shared a really powerful message, Iand just about made my month.

4. Someone who makes you happy: My mom. She is my rock. My world really.

5.  Tiny: This tiny boy is getting bigger everyday
6. Lunch: I really love drinking at lunch. It makes me feel like a bad ass adult. Especially when you are drinking on the ocean in San Diego - that's like the cherry on the alcohol. 

7. Shadow

8.  Inside your wallet

9. Younger you: This picture sits right next to my bed. It's me and Hannah when we were probably 5 and 3. I just love that I look like such a big sister in it - even at the age of 5.

10. Cold: Very few things beat a cold glass of champs (as the RHOC like to refer to it as)

11.  Where you ate breakfast: Rare is the day that I actually eat breakfast at our dining room table, but I had paperwork to fill out for Roscoe so this is where I camped out for breakfast on the 11th.

12. Stairs: Roscoe hates stairs...and elevators...

13. Something you found: Best find of the year. I love these dang things.
14. How you feel today: 

15. Sunset: After a workout class with my girlfriend Dawn in Santa Monica. Also right before dinner, drinks, and a sea salt chocolate chip cookie that pretty much changed my life.

16. Flower: My first official day of work. Joel is a keeper.
17. Something you don't like: Driving in LA. I'm from Chicago, and I can handle traffic and crazy drivers, but the sings in L.A. seriously do not make sense. (p.s. I also got in a lot of trouble from Joel for taking this picture while driving so I shall never do it again! Whoopsies!)

18. Hair: I could use a dye job. And an eyebrow wax.

19. Orange: One of the many cool flowers I encounter on my morning walks - the smells in Westwood are like nothing I've ever experienced before.
20. Something you drew
21. Bottle: I love these cute bottles I stole from the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at in Santa Barbara
22. Last thing you bought: 50 Shades Darker. I liked it even better than 50 Shades of Grey. It develops more of a story line and I've found myself rooting for Ana and Grey the whole way through. Except - what the heck is with the randomly dropped SAT words? That really aggravates me.

23. Vegetable: I finally got around to making stuffed peppers and they are so good. They will be a staple in our house for a while.

24. Something you are grateful for: I am really grateful for the fact that I wake up early and walk around our beautiful neighborhood with my puppy. When we get home, he's tuckered out and allows me to drink coffee and catch up on blogs. It's one of my favorite times of the day.

25. Looking down

26. Black and White: And a pop of blue

27. Somewhere you went

28. 1:00 pm

29. Circle

30. Something that makes you sad 

And here is May's challenge. I really enjoyed keeping an eye out for different things throughout my day and looking back at all the good things that happened in April was pretty coo. Life is treating me pretty darn well.


  1. That's so fun! I love the picture of the starburst jelly beans and the stuffed peppers look awesome!

  2. Number 6..drinking at lunch..love! And starburst jellybeans..almost as good as drinking at lunch!