5 ::: Next (dream) House Musts

We live in 2b/2b apartment building in Los Angeles - that I think is about 1200sqft.

The layout is actually amazing....both bedrooms and bathrooms are on separate sides of the unit, which was great for guests and is now great for Leo.  It gives everyone a sense of space and privacy which I think is important.  We have one big great room, with really, really tall ceilings, a fireplace we never use, a sizeable patio, and tons and tons of closet space. 

On the downside (besides the high rent), we don't have in-unit laundry, a backyard,or storage. 

We are all pretty much on top of each other, and as Leo takes up more and more space, the more and more I'm finding myself dreaming of the next place our family will live.

Pintrest (@teatimewithtess) is totally fantasyland, but I've been diving in deep everyday lately, and I thought I'd share a few of my ideas for the house I don't yet own, but want. 

::: 1 :::
The Kitchen

The kitchen I have in mind will have dark wood floors, crisp white cabinets, and dark counter tops. I know that marble is all of the rage, but I don't know if I actually love all white kitchens. I've been sort of feeling very black and white kitchens lately, so if I bought a house tomorrow, that's the directions I would go.  
Beautiful kitchen:

::: 2 :::
The Master
five mile river - Nightingale Design:
Joel and I need to update are whole set in the bedroom, but I think we'll rock it until we can do a total room makeover. I want our bedroom to be a room that is equal parts zen and calm for us, but also comfy and fun for Leo to come hang with us in the mornings too. 

::: 3 :::
Found: The Summer House of Your Dreams - Home Tour - Lonny:
Staying home with Leo all day long has me fantasizing hourly about a space that would be 100% his. I'd like it filled to the brim of out-of-sight storage, an area for me and other moms to chill, and multiple "zones" for him like art, music, trucks, whatever! 

Many many great ideas on how to organize a kitchen, pantries, linen closets, kids rooms, etc:
::: 4 :::
Outdoor Living

Black + white patio:
Leo is the happiest outside, so I really hope our future home has a solid backyard, patio, and/or screened-in-porch. 

porch... yes yes yes please!:

::: 5 ::: 
Leo's Room

Traditional Kids Bedroom By Merigo Design -30 Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas of Design Pictures, http://hative.com/30-cool-boys-bedroom-ideas-of-design-pictures/,:
I had so much fun dreaming about Leo's nursery, I can't believe I'm already dreaming about his big kid room....but I am! I don't sit still for long, and these grown up rooms just slay me.

Nautical inspired kids bunkroom:

And while we're at it, I'd also like monthly girls trips to Mexico, pizza that has zero calories, and a private jet.


  1. I'm coming over! (and going with you on your private jet!)

  2. Oh my goodness I don't know how you do it without in unit laundry what a pita !!! In Ireland/England I would definitely put a tumble dryer on my list ( not one of those useless 2 in 1 jobs a legit dryer) so over damp clothes hanging everywhere

  3. My sister's boyfriend has marble countertops and if water/lemon juice/etc is not wiped up immediately, it will stain the counter tops and looks awful. Just something to consider:)

  4. I do love all white kitchens but they're everywhere right now and I think changing it up with dark countertops is great!

  5. It is so fun to dream! If you find calorie free pizza, let me know! It'd be pretty great to enjoy in your dream home. :) Also, just getting a washer and dryer is going to be such a game changer. I feel like we do at least one or two loads a day with a baby!

  6. I believe that you have already taken the steps on finding that next dream house. The fact you have those images now means you are conditioning yourself to attract those things into your life. Stay focused on exactly what you want and the miracles of the world will open those realty doors when the time is perfect for you guys.