5 ::: Things I'll do differently with Baby #2

And no, baby #2 is NOT in our immediate future.

We are reallllly enjoying this sweet spot with Leo. In fact, I think right now is the most fun, easy, joyful, and exciting our life has ever been. We feel content (in most areas) and I want to revel in that feeling for a while. 

But, I have been finding myself lately saying "next time" or "I'm glad I learned ____" or "I would NOT do that again" and I thought I'd get pen to paper before I totally forget what having a baby is like. 

::: 1 :::
I'll move the baby out of my room a little sooner

 Once we moved him into his nursery, I actually got sleep! When he was next to our bed, every gurgle, grunt, and grin had me up, turning on a night light, checking his vitals, which cost me more sleep than necessary!  It was silly, and all of my commotion often stirred him awake in the first place. While it was nice not have to leave my warm bed, I think once the baby is only waking once in the night, that will be my cue to kick um' out! 

::: 2 :::
I won't do newborn photos right away
 As darling as they are, and I'm obviously glad to have them, I wish I would have waited a little bit. Babies just don't come into their own right away - and I felt like 10-13 weeks would have been a really amazing time to do the shoot. Not only was I feeling a lot better about myself, but Leo was smiling, had delicious cheeks, and opened his eyes for more than 6.6 seconds.

::: 3 ::: 
I won't wake a sleeping infant

In the beginning, babies sleep A LOT. I had always heard that, but in all honesty, it sort of freaked me out. I couldn't get over the fact that literally all Leo did his first month was eat, sleep, and poop - so I would force him to "play". I would actually blow into his face to try and keep him stimulated. Why? I have no idea...I guess I just felt like I wasn't doing enough - and that was silly. 

::: 4 ::: 
I won't be afraid of formula

I was having this conversation with my cousin this week but so often I hear moms say exclusively breastfeeding, exclusively pumping, or exclusively formula..... My question is, why does it have to be exclusive? We stopped being exclusive at seven months, and an enormous weight was lifted off of me. I wasn't having to pump 4 times a day in order to make an 8oz bottle so that Joel could feed the baby. I was nursing during the day, and then his last bottle was formula. And you know what? It was ok, it was freeing, and I regret waiting so long to do that.

::: 5 :::
I'll trust myself 
Everyone kept telling me, just trust your instinct. And I really, really didn't think I had an instinct. I triple guessed everything, asked for validation on it all, and didn't listen to my gut. I sort of doubt most first time moms do have that ability, but I'm actually excited for myself to be a mom the second time around. I already feel so much more confident in my abilities, and I think it will make bringing home a second baby that much more of an enjoyable experience for our family. 

And I won't be afraid of spit up, cutting finger nails, burping a baby too hard, green poop, cradle cap, not sterilizing a bottle, rolling over too soon (or not enough), or the other 6,742 things that rattled me as a new parent. Its hard work learning how to do this thing, but it's so, so worth it. 


  1. I'll book mark this post, but otherwise will basically just text you constantly so you can be on the Justifying A Nervous New Mom end of things. <3

    (And OMG pics of lil baby Leo! I remember holding him in November when he was soooooo teeny!!!)

  2. Love your comment about not being afraid of formula! I did exclusive breast milk for 3 weeks with both my kids, then did a mix of breast milk/formula for another 2, then switched to formula all together...and they are just fine! :) Do what works for you!

  3. So helpful to read as a soon-to-be first time mom! I saw a book once about "how to have your second child first" and I didn't really get it, but it totally makes sense.

  4. AMEN! TO EVERY SINGLE POINT! Couldn't have said it better myself!

  5. Yes to all these! I don't miss pumping at all, especially at work! We are in the same boat, just soaking in this early toddler stage.

  6. Yessssssssssss!!! Next time I feel like it'll be so fun because you don't have to learn how to be mom, you already know!

  7. I'm only 4 months in but already have a "next time" list going very similar. Live and learn! (But I'm still afraid of cutting nails.)

  8. I think the second time is so much easier except for the fact that you have multiple little ones! I fell into the same trap of overstimulating our baby when she was little. Everyone makes it sound like you must sing and talk to them constantly, but sometimes they can just be. When she started to get more interactive then it made sense to be one big sing along!

  9. I love this post and agree with every single one of them! In a way I'm kind of looking forward to baby #2 because I'm hoping I'll enjoy the newborn phase more, since I'll know it's short lived and just a phase. With Oliver I was a mess and over analyzing everything worrying I was going to screw up. Second time around I'll know it doesn't matter so soak it all in because it zooms by!