Weekend Recap

 I really love Friday's because the morning starts out so well with swim lessons. It's absolutely our most enjoyable activity of the week and seems to kick off the weekend in the right direction.

Joel had a birthday lunch at work, and then afterwards, my bestie Shelby and her son Tucker, and another work friend came by to hang with us. We hung out with the two cute boys, spilled two cups of milk, drank two bottles of wine, and then finally decided to order two pizzas.


I snuck in while Joel put Leo down for nap and captured this sweet gem of a picture.   

Saturday morning I got up early to try and work off the pizza (this weekend was not good for the diet!). 
After yoga and a coffee, I ran home to the boys, had a quick breakfast, put Leo down for a nap, showered and snuck back out for a much needed mani/pedi.

That afternoon we took Leo to the park. He's too small to enjoy most of it, but the kid LOVES the swing. 


Saturday night we decided to celebrate Joel's birthday. The only thing he wanted to do was go to his favorite wine bar, order a solid bottle of wine, and buy a few bottles to take home. 


Pretty easy to deliver!  

We got to Ester's before 5pm and were able to secure a pretty great table.  We had our own mini living room - with better food, wine, and service. 

In order to buy time from Leo, we decided to give him his snack there. We ordered a bottle of wine and a cheese plate, and while we ate, so did Leo. 

We love Ester's, and go a lot, so the staff is pretty amazing to us. Everyone was fawning over Leo, kept avocado coming out of the kitchen, and let him run all over the place! 

I think going out with a baby is made a lot easier when you go to a place you feel 100% comfortable in. Ester's in particular has a patio that offers a nice distraction, and an unfussy atmosphere that doesn't make me anxious to take a baby to. 

For our dinner, Joel and I had the steak tartare which was mind blowing and then headed home. Leo have us over two hours of sweetness, so we knew we were pressing our luck.

Sunday morning - Joel's actual birthday - he wanted to run his age in kilometers with his running group. They set out to do 29k, and Leo and I decided to do a short hike before meeting the group with bagels, mimosas, cupcakes, and tons of other goodies. 

It was a gorgeous morning - they had polo practice right behind all of the picnic tables - so it was a really, really fun morning with great company. 

When we got home, we had another mimosa, made brunch and then opened a few birthday presents.

Joel requested red chicken curry for his birthday dinner, so we made that, and cheersed to a new and amazing year! 


  1. Totally just googled "how many miles is 29K" and then groaned.

    Happy birthday Joel!!!

  2. ^^^^^ What she said about how far is 29K ;)

  3. How FAR IS IT???? OMG!

    Fun weekend! You look toooo cute at the park! Love the hat!